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Sustainable businesses are well connected and interact with the business community. To support businesses, SAGE facilitates and encourages relationships between businesses that foster “best practice” sharing, collaboration and learning opportunities.

In the future, SAGE plans to introduce a mentorship program which will pair businesses together to build unique relationships with each other, share their success stories, and strategies.

Educational Opportunities

The SAGE Program offers learning opportunities and brings together sustainable business leaders with environmental trainings, best practice workshops and experiential activities that focus on the following: 

  • Opportunities to learn about best practices that benefit businesses’ triple-bottom line
  • Educational events and experiences to learn and implement sustainable practices, strategies and techniques
  • The sharing of experience and best practices to advance businesses knowledge and application of sustainability
  • Cultivating knowledge and understanding of practices that advance the sustainable growth of the Westminster economy and businesses.

Upcoming events, trainings, and educational opportunities:

May 2021:

SAGE Sustainable Business Program 101: Overview and Resources 

Register: Thursday, May 27, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm 

The workshop will detail the services and benefits of the City of Westminster SAGE Sustainable Business Program. You'll learn about the advising services, free resources and equipment, educational opportunities, and SAGE certification. Topics will include business best-practices in energy efficiency, food and waste management, water conservation, community engagement, and sustainable transportation.

Attend this workshop if you're:

  • want to save money and reduce your utility bills
  • want to get recognized for your socially and environmentally beneficial practices
  • a business owner and/or manager in Westminster
  • a property owner and/or manager in Westminster

Sustainable Solutions for Craft Beverage Producers Webinar Series: Innovative Solutions: CO2 Capture Technology

Register: Tuesday, May 25, 11:00 am - 12: 00 pm

Alan Brinton will give an overview of the Behind-the-Scenes of CO2 Capture Technology at Grey Sail Brewing and provide insights into market drivers, the installation process, team management, and business benefits. Amy George from Earthly Labs, who provided the CO2 Capture Technology to Grey Sail, will then provide an overview of the CO2 Capture System. Amy will describe the hardware and software used to capture and monitor CO2 from small scale emissions sources like craft breweries.

Attend this webinar if you’re interested in:

  • Brewery sustainability
  • Carbon capture technology

Webinar Series: 

Taking Action to Reduce Food Waste by 50%: ReFED Webinar Series

Register for Series: June 2, June 30, July 28. August 25. September 22. October 20, November 17
You can attend any and all of these trainings for FREE!

A webinar series to help you make the most of ReFED’s Insights Engine and Roadmap to 2030: Reducing U.S. Food Waste by 50%. Each installment will dig deep into one of the seven key action areas of the Roadmap to 2030, exploring what’s happening on the ground, what challenges to reducing food waste remain, which solutions can make an impact, and how solution providers are already bringing them to life. Hear from experts across the food system from food businesses to funders, innovators to policymakers, and more.

Attend this series if you’re: 

  • interested in food waste reduction
  • in the food service or restaurant industry
  • in the farming and food production industry

Register for any or all seven installments below. Not sure you’ll be able to attend? Register anyway to receive recordings of each installment.

  • June 2 – “Optimize the Harvest”
  • June 30 – “Enhance Product Distribution”
  • July 28 – “Refine Product Management”
  • August 25 – “Maximize Product Utilization”
  • September 22 – “Reshape Consumer Environments”
  • October 20 – “Strengthen Food Rescue”
  • November 17 – “Recycle Anything Remaining”  

Ongoing training opportunities:

  • Westminster Economic Development Business Trainings: See here for a calendar of upcoming trainings 
  • ENERGYSTAR and EPA Best-Practices: See here for a calendar of upcoming trainings. Westminster Economic Development Business Trainings: See here for a calendar of upcoming trainings. 

Business AwardsPMCU_Logo

In 2020, the inaugural Sustainable Business Award was given to Premier Members Credit Union! 
Watch their recognition videohere

Last year, Premier Members Credit Union was selected due to their outstanding sustainability achievements, including: 

  • Conduction of a comprehensive sustainability assessment that included gathering energy, waste, natural gas, paper, and water use baseline data and setting 2020 and 2021 reduction goals and achievement strategies.
  • Responsible purchasing practices, notably using copy paper made of 100% recycled-content and printing 100% of their marketing materials on uncoated, 30% post-consumer recycled paper with soy or corn-based inks.
  • Sourcing renewable energy across their branches through a solar electric system that offsets 14 tons of CO2 pollution each year. This is equivalent to planting 1,078 total trees or to reducing 30,500 miles of auto travel per year.
  • Educating consumers on ways to integrate sustainability into their finances, home, lifestyle and community activities.

Training Library:

Below are videos and slides on trainings and educational opportunities 

  • Financing Energy Efficiency Projects: Learn best practices and tips on what to know before you sign. Access slides here
  • ENERGYSTAR Trainings: Access ENERGYSTAR videos, slides, and information on Portfolio Manager, ENERGYSTAR Certification, and how to use their tools
  • COVID-19, Ventilation, and Energy Efficiency for Building Owners and Managers:  A webinar focused on the latest science of covid-19 in indoor air, dos and don’ts of modifying your ventilation system, and how to maintain energy efficiency. Commercial building owners and managers learned what changes to their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems will best reduce risk for their occupants, common limits of HVAC, and how to preserve energy efficiency while making modifications.
  • Brewery Energy Efficiency (Treasure Hunt): Learn about ENERGY STAR's "Energy Treasure Hunt" process for brewers to uncover opportunities to maximize efforts in reducing energy costs. Energy costs can be 5-10% of cost of goods sold in breweries. As the brewing industry continues to grow, start questioning why things are the way they are and how to reduce your bottom line
  • EPA's reducing wasted food & packaging toolkit: a step-by-step guide for conducting a wasted food assessment.  
  • Food Waste Insights Engine: Learn new best practices and insights around food waste reduction and prevention! The ReFED Insights Engine is a data and solutions hub for food loss and waste, designed to provide anyone interested in food waste reduction with the information and insights they need to take meaningful action to address the problem. Download the slides here and access the Insights Engine here

Water Conservation:

  • Reducing Water Use at Breweries: Learn about how breweries can implement simple water conservation techniques that not only use natural resources more efficiently, but also make sense for the bottom line.

Climate Action:

  • Restore Colorado: Restore Colorado is a voluntary program that gives participating restaurants the opportunity to fight climate change and support local agriculture. restaurants that choose to participate can add an optional 1% surcharge to the customer receipt. this surcharge revenue will be used to support carbon farming on regional farmland. visit Zero Foodprint's Website for more information about the program.

Additional Recognition Opportunities 

  • Environmental Leadership Program:DEHS_MainELPLogo637509330796933547
    our statewide environmental recognition and reward program which offers benefits and incentives to members that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement. There are three levels: gold, silver and bronze. Check out the ELP Brochure for details. 
  • B Corp: BCorp_Logo
    B-Corp Certification measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance, evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment, and customers. From your supply chain and input materials to your charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves your business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance.
  • Best for Colorado:BestForColorado
    Best for Colorado program serves as the hub for corporate social responsibility for Colorado businesses. It allows companies to measure and improve their social and environmental impact, regardless of where they are on their corporate social responsibility journey.

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