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104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard Reclaimed Waterline Emergency Repairs

Project Update:

A leak in a reclaimed waterline has necessitated an emergency repair in the southwest corner of Sheridan Boulevard and 104th Avenue. This emergency repair is unrelated to the recent drinking waterline replacement at the same intersection, as this is a separate waterline system.

Work is completed and traffic control is in the process of being removed with completion of the removal by the end of Thursday, May 17.

Project Timeline:

The emergency repair is complete.

Project Details:

The city’s Utilities Operations staff identified a leak on a reclaimed water line in Sheridan just south of 104th Avenue. This discovery was made several weeks ago and Utilities crews deployed leak detection in an effort to pinpoint the leak and minimize the excavation. The leak is believed to be at a location on the reclaimed water line at a depth of approximately 30-feet, which requires specialty shoring for the excavation that will be contracted through Brannan Construction. OSHA requires excavations greater than 20-feet to be designed by a professional engineer. As this is an emergency repair and Brannan has provided similar services for very deep excavations, the city elected to use their services again. Again the start of this project is contingent on the completion of the waterline work in 104th Avenue and the city plans to allow Brannan to work 12-hour days in order to expedite the completion. While the anticipated duration of the repairs is expected to last one to two weeks, the actual location of the damage causing the leak will need to be field verified during excavation. Please know that with the weather starting to improve and the need for reclaimed water at the city’s various parks, the need to complete these repairs in a timely manner is of the utmost importance to Utilities as is the need to restore traffic on both 104th Avenue and Sheridan Bouvleard

Project Hours:

Work hours will be Monday through Friday beginning no earlier than 7 a.m. and ending by 7 p.m.

As this is an emergency repair, circumstances may arise requiring extended work hours and in some locations nighttime and weekend construction will be necessary to avoid times of higher traffic.

Project Safety:

During working hours, construction equipment will be in operation and some materials may be stockpiled close to the work area. Brannan Construction will maintain traffic control during construction and will maintain access as much as possible. However, temporary lane closures, sidewalk closures and detours may occur.  

Safety of the pedestrian, biking, motoring public and of the contractor crews is of the utmost importance. Assistance in abiding by all construction related signs is greatly appreciated. Should you observe an emergency situation please call 911.


For any questions, please call or email the city’s Wastewater Superintendent Ceila Rethamel, at 303-658-2532 or crethame@cityofwestminster.us