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88th Avenue (Pierce Street to US 36) Waterline Replacement Project

Project Update - Nov. 21

Construction of the water main on 88th Avenue, from Harlan Street to Sheridan Boulevard, has been temporarily wrapped up for the holidays (through the rest of the year), and traffic control devices have been removed from the street in this area.  The new main is in place but will need to be pressure tested and disinfected before making connections to the existing system and placing into service. The contractor plans on performing this work in January 2018.

The contractor will continue with water main installation from east of Sheridan Boulevard near the RTD parking lot, then through the completed bore under U.S. 36 to Yates Street.

Horizontal Direction Drilling of the new water main will continue in the area west of Harlan Street to Pierce Street.

Project completion is anticipated for January 2018 with final paving to occur as weather permits.

Project Details

The City of Westminster has been coordinating the replacement of aging infrastructure around Sheridan Boulevard and 88th Avenue. Construction improvements have included CDOT improvements to the Sheridan Bridge over U.S. 36, expansion of U.S. 36, and various water and storm sewer utilities in the westbound lanes of 88th Avenue. The replacements of a water transmission main and a wastewater pipeline in Sheridan Boulevard (88th to 80th Avenues) are currently under construction. 
The next phase will construct a new water transmission main to replace an aging main that has reached the end of its useful life. The new water transmission main will be installed in 88th Avenue from Pierce Street to Yates Street (see map). This water main serves areas both east and west of U.S. 36 and will support potable water delivery to approximately 20 percent of the city. As part of the project, the impacted areas of 88th Avenue will also be resurfaced. Waterline construction and connections to the new water main will be sequenced to minimize traffic impacts and service interruptions as much as possible. Construction will start in a few weeks and extend through November. Check this website for regular updates during the project. 
Westminster City Council awarded this project to Northern Colorado Constructors, Inc., a reputable contractor in the industry. Normal work hours will be Monday through Friday beginning no earlier than 7 a.m. and ending by 5 p.m. unless special circumstances arise in some locations. In these special cases, nighttime or weekend construction could be necessary to avoid times of higher traffic volume. During working hours, construction equipment will be in operation, and some materials may be stockpiled close to the work area. The contractor will maintain traffic control during construction and will maintain access to side streets and parking lots as much as possible. However, temporary lane closures, sidewalk closures, and detours may occur. Safety of the public and of the contractor crews is of the utmost importance and abiding by all construction-related signs is greatly appreciated. 


For questions or comments, please call or email the city’s Project Manager Dan Strietelmeier, at 303-658-2179, or dstriete@cityofwestminster.us. Thank you for your patience during this capital improvement project. We look forward to maintaining a high-level of service for you now and into the future.