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92nd Avenue Safety Improvements Project

The 92nd Avenue Safety Improvements project will provide improvements to the north side of West 92nd Avenue between Ingalls Street and Eaton Street. In addition to West 92nd Avenue, an asphalt replacement project along Harlan Street between 92nd Avenue and 84th Avenue will be completed.

Project may include:

  • Addition of curb and gutter to remove the third
  • Evaluation of street lighting 
  • Striping and signage
  • Drainage improvements
  • Landscaping 
  • ADA ramps
  • New sidewalk
  • New crosswalks with signals

This project was budgeted to address safety concerns at the 92nd/Ingalls intersection. 

The conceptual plan for the improvements would make the fourth westbound 92nd Avenue lane become a “right lane must turn right” at Eaton Street from the U.S. 36 overpass. The fourth westbound traffic lane on 92nd Avenue between Eaton Street and Westminster Boulevard would be removed. The third westbound lane would then become the “right lane must turn right” at Westminster Boulevard. 

Between Westminster Boulevard and Ingalls Street, the current acceleration lane would be removed as well as the acceleration lane on the west side of Ingalls Street. By removing these lanes, the crossing distance for left turning vehicles from Ingalls Street would be reduced. 

In addition to the lane removal, the project will evaluate additional lighting at the intersection. 

The asphalt resurfacing project along Harlan Street was schedule to repair the worn and damaged pavement along Harlan including any damages done to the road due to construction traffic. This project also include sidewalk improvements to connect the sidewalk along the west side of Harlan Street by adding it to the stretch that currently does not have any. 


It is anticipated that design will begin in spring of 2019 and that construction will start in late summer or fall of 2019. 


For questions or comments, please call or email the city’s Project Manager Heath Klein, at 303-658-2103, or hklein@cityofwestminster.us  

92nd Avenue Improvements Map

 92nd Avenue Safety Improvements Project Map