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Northridge Water Tanks Replacement Project

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Just like your car or house, water infrastructure doesn’t last forever.

The City will be replacing two aging water storage tanks near City Hall with new water tanks that will provide reliable service decades into the future. Two of the three existing tanks were built in 1968 and need to be replaced due to structural safety concerns. The tank on the far east side of the property was built in 2016 and will remain on site.

Learn more about the project during a public open house on Wednesday, August 24 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Northridge Water Tanks!

Stop by any time during our Open House to see the site and meet the project team.

Food and refreshments will be provided — first come first served.

Feeling artistic? Adults and kids alike will have the opportunity to Paint-A-Tank! We’ll provide paint supplies so you can paint one of the old tanks before it gets replaced.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 5:30 - 7:30 P.M.

Parking: Park at the Public Safety Center (9110 Yates St) near City Hall and follow the signs south to an open gate to the tanks. ADA accessible-only parking is available by accessing the Grace Community Church entrance and following signs east.

What's Happening Now: Pre-Construction

If you live, work or visit the area near City Hall, expect to see and hear construction activities and additional construction traffic at the site throughout the fall. Construction for two new water tanks will begin later this fall in the same location as the old tanks. New tank construction will continue through 2023. Final landscaping and paving work may extend into 2024.


  • Construction noise and large truck traffic in project area
  • Large drilling rigs will be on-site in Winter 2023
  • Water pressure and quality will not change or be impacted during or after construction
  • Working hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (some night and weekend work may be needed under special circumstances)
  • Limited water use interruptions are expected (notifications in advance will be provided if water use will be impacted)


Image below is of the current aging infrastructure for one of the two tanks to be replaced. Both tanks were maintained to exceed their useful life. Two water storage tanks built in 1968 will be replaced due to structural safety concerns.

Damaged water tanks

Location of Water Tanks

Location of water tanks





The design phase of the project began in fall 2021 with site survey, geotechnical investigation, and other field data collection work. Survey stakes will remain on site throughout the project, providing reference points during the design and construction of the new replacement tanks. The aging water storage tanks are currently expected to be removed in summer 2022 and construction of the replacement tanks will begin winter 2022/spring 2023.

More Information

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Project emails will be sent periodically beginning summer 2022.

 The project team made some in-person visits to residents living adjacent to the project in fall 2021. Additional outreach to residents is planned before tank demolition and construction activity begins.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to the project team with any questions about the project by email at watertanks@cityofwestminster.us or by phone at 303-706-3032. Please allow one business day for a reply.


Delivering safe, reliable, and high-quality drinking water is one of the many ways the City of Westminster supports a thriving community. The city’s drinking water system includes over 500 miles of pipe, two water treatment facilities, as well as water storage facilities at strategic locations throughout the city.

The Northridge water storage facility, located near City Hall, consists of two 3-million-gallon drinking water storage tanks first built in 1968, a 3.5-million-gallon drinking water storage tank built in 2016, a reclaimed water standpipe, and pumps and valves connecting these tanks to the pipelines below ground.

These water storage tanks are critical to ensuring that Westminster has enough treated water available, even during times of peak demand, typically during the hottest days of the summer in July, and for fire emergencies. Combined with pumps, water storage tanks are also used to ensure consistent water pressure.