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Observatory Heights Infrastructure Improvement Project

Water Maintenance Crews Working in Neighborhood

Project Update: We anticipate returning to Observatory Heights this spring, 2022, to repave and restore the project area.

The city will be replacing water and stormwater main pipe and hydrants in the Observatory Heights neighborhood as part of the city’s commitment to delivering safe, reliable and high-quality services.

Pre-construction survey work is scheduled to begin mid-June on the streets listed below, with construction beginning at the end of June. All trenches will be patched and 80th Ave will be repaved immediately following this work. Streets that are patched will be fully repaved in 2021. 

New water mains will provide more reliable service for years to come. A new stormwater main will improve drainage on Osceola St. Street restoration will provide a smooth driving surface and improve drainage. 

Click here to view a project map. 

New water mains will be installed on:

• Osceola St. from W 80th Ave. north to W 81st Ave.;

• Newton St. from W 81st Ave. north to the dead end;

• Meade St. from W 80th Ave. north to the dead end;

• 81st Ave. from La Place Court east to Newton St.;

• 81st Ave. from Meade St. east to Lowell Blvd.

A new stormwater main will be installed on Osceola St. from 80th Ave. north to 81st Ave. 

Equipment and materials may be stored during this project on the city’s property north of W 80th Ave. between Oakwood and Osceola streets.

This project is expected to continue through the summer and early fall to complete, weather and utility emergencies permitting. Normal working hours during the construction period will be Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m to minimize inconvenience for residents and to maintain compliance with public health guidelines.

Learn more about the water main construction process. 

Every effort will be made by the city to minimize any inconvenience that may occur to you or your property. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Public Works and Utilities Department at 303-658-2500 between Monday and Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also use this number after hours for water or sewer emergencies.