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Promenade and 92nd Avenue Water Lines Project

Project Update – Nov. 8

Construction of the Alkire Street culvert is nearly complete, and site grading and final paving remain, weather permitting. The city anticipates opening the road to traffic on Monday, Nov. 13.

Construction of a 36-inch water main near 92nd Avenue and Wadsworth Parkway. will commence on Nov. 14 and is anticipated to continue through the end of December.

Water main construction at Huron Street and 120th Avenue and at the Promenade will commence in January.

Project Details

The purpose of this project is to replace or install new water mains and valves that were prioritized as the highest priority during a study that was conducted by the city in 2014. These water system improvements include the following four work areas:

  1. Construction of a new transmission main within the Promenade commercial property: This main is necessary for water system reliability and redundancy in the north area of the city. Building the pipeline in parallel with current development in the area is ideal to limit the duration and overall impacts of construction.
  2. Replacement of a transmission pipeline segment near West 92nd Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard: This pipeline segment has a history of breaks, is at the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced.
  3. Replacement of large water valves in the intersection of West 120th Avenue and Huron Street: Valves are a necessary component of the water distribution system as they allow isolation of mains during times of emergency, pipe breaks, or construction activities. Existing water valves in this area have become inoperable and need to be replaced.
  4. Replacement of the Alkire Street culvert: Replacement is a priority due to the condition of the existing culvert and the critical function it plays in the city's raw water supply system. This culvert conveys source water from the Kinnear Ditch Pipeline to Standley Lake and contributes nearly 10 percent of the City’s overall raw water supply.

One potable water service interruption is anticipated adjacent to West 92nd Avenue near Wadsworth Parkway, and advanced notice will be provided to those customers. For the other work areas, water and sanitary sewer service will remain online and should not be affected.

Utility construction will require open excavations in streets or near private drives. Some of the work areas will require temporary traffic control during construction as follows:

  • Promenade Water Line: traffic control and detours for local business traffic.
  • West 120th Avenue and Huron Street Valve Vault: traffic control and some lane closures in the intersection.
  • Alkire Street Culvert: short-term road closures and detours for through traffic.
  • West 92nd Avenue and Wadsworth Parkway Water Line: possible minor traffic control.

A public notification letter and a general map of the project work areas can be found at this here.


The city’s contractor anticipates beginning the work late-September and continuing through the spring of 2018. Active work hours will be Monday through Friday beginning no earlier than 7 a.m. and ending by 5 p.m. Evening and weekend work will only be permitted if special circumstances arise. During working hours construction equipment will be in operation, materials and equipment will be delivered, and typical construction noise is anticipated.

Project Impact

The contractor will maintain traffic control as necessary for safety and will maintain access to businesses as much as possible during construction. We understand that construction in your area is an inconvenience and ask for your patience while the work is completed.  

Safety is of the utmost importance. Your assistance in abiding by all construction-related signs is greatly appreciated. If you observe an emergency situation, please call 911. 


For general questions, concerns, or comments, please contact the city’s Project Manager, Andy Walsh, at 303-658-2563 or by email at awalsh@cityofwestminster.us.