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Sheridan Boulevard, 80th Avenue to 88th Avenue - Utility Work

Project Update: Dec. 11- 31

  • Sanitary sewer construction activities in 80th Avenue between Sheridan Boulevard and BNSF Railroad will continue through the second week of Dec. 18 - 22.
  • Major construction activities will cease the week of Dec. 25 and resume on Jan. 2.
  • Isolated daytime and nighttime water main connection construction in Sheridan Boulevard between 84th Avenue and 80th Avenue continues.
  • Isolated nighttime water main connection construction in the intersection of Sheridan Boulevard and 80th Avenue will happen the week of Dec. 11 and 18.
  • As water service connections are made, pavement patching will continue on Sheridan Boulevard and on 80th Avenue.

Traffic Impacts

  • As major construction activities cease the week of Dec. 25, traffic control measures in 80th Avenue will be reduced to the extent safe traffic conditions will allow.
  • The far right westbound lane in 80th Avenue from Xavier Street to Sheridan Boulevard will be closed for the construction contractor’s safety.
  • Periodically single lane traffic on 80th Avenue with flaggers will be in place between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • Starting in the early January Sheridan Boulevard north and southbound will be restricted to 1-lane in each direction between 80th Avenue and 81st Place between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • Temporary pavement patches in Sheridan Boulevard will remain in place until final water connections are made.
  • Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in both directions on Sheridan Boulevard during heavy commuter traffic periods.
  • Speed limits will be reduced and enforced in Sheridan Boulevard for public and worker safety.

Pedestrian Crosswalks

  • Pedestrian crosswalks on Sheridan Boulevard are open at 88th Avenue, 84th Avenue, 81st Place and 80th Avenue.
  • The sidewalk from 84th Avenue to 81st Place on the east side of Sheridan Boulevard remains closed.

Project Details

The city has been coordinating the replacement of aging utility infrastructure in the areas of Sheridan and 88th Avenue for many years. Various projects have been completed including CDOT improvements to the Sheridan bridge over U.S. 36, expansion of U.S. 36 and the addition of various water and storm sewer utilities. More recently, improvements have been made within the westbound lanes of 88th Avenue in conjunction with the new Downtown Westminster construction.

  • Replacement of a water transmission main in Sheridan Boulevard (88th to 80th Avenues) - this is a large water main that serves vast areas of south Westminster.
  • Replacement of a wastewater pipeline in Sheridan Boulevard (88th to 80th Avenues) - this is a large sewer pipeline that serves the southern third of the city.
  • Asphalt patching and paving of the streets - in conjunction with pipeline work, streets will be repaired and resurfaced to address age and condition issues.
  • Customer connections – this work will involve connecting existing city customers to the new pipelines. The work will be sequenced to limit service interruptions to the maximum extent possible.

New construction will enhance the reliability of the water distribution and sewer collection systems, improve fire protection and emergency response capabilities, and provide capacity for city growth.


  • Late January 2017– Mid-November 2017: Water and sewer construction in Sheridan Boulevard and 88th Avenue (south to the railroad).
  • Late January 2017 – June 2018: Water and sewer pipeline construction in Sheridan Boulevard right-of-way from 88th Avenue to 80th Avenue.

Construction for the project will be sequenced to help maintain access to businesses. Typical pipeline construction will progress at 20-40 feet per day. Portions of the construction must happen sequentially, so Sheridan Boulevard and portions of 88th Avenue will see construction more than once.

Intersection closures will target night time construction to minimize the impact to commuters and to improve safety for the public and contractors working on site. The project will focus on keeping two lanes of traffic open in both directions on Sheridan Boulevard during high traffic volumes and a minimum of one lane of traffic open in both directions on 88th Avenue.

These projects are funded from the Utility System Capital Improvement Project budgets and will allow the city to maintain a high level of services now and into the future.


For more information, contact Senior Engineer Stephanie Bleiker, PE. at 303-658-2174 or sbleiker@cityofwestminster.us.