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Water in Colorado is a precious and limited resource. Without it, our Colorado way of life would not exist. Westminster has actively promoted water conservation since the 1980s, and is committed to smart water use and water-wise development. Want to manage your water bill while keeping your yard healthy and beautiful? Click below for some useful information and programs. 

Learn more about water conservation in your neighborhood. Watch this 11-minute documentary by the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the One World One Water Center at Metropolitan State University.



The city does not directly offer toilet rebates, however, our partnership with Resource Central allows Westminster residents to purchase a Niagara Stealth high-efficiency toilet for $135 – a 40% discount! You may purchase these toilets directly from Resource Central at 6400 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder, CO.

Learn about what water and sewer rates pay for and why they sometimes increase even when residents conserve in this 2.5 min VIDEO.  

Understand how much water you likely use in your household with this
Home Water Use Calculator.

Find and fix the most common household leaks with this leak detection checklist.

View this snapshot of what uses the most water indoors.

Conservation efforts by Westminster residents have kept water rates low. This published study documents how water rates would have been nearly double today’s rates (an extra $600 per year) without conservation efforts: Conservation Efforts Limit Rate Increases For Colorado Utility. 

New development in Westminster pays its fair share to connect into the $4B dollar existing water and sewer system infrastructure. New development is also subject to water-conserving:

View these interesting Westminster-specific Water Facts.

Click here for Residential Water Saving Tips.

Learn about Westminster’s entire water supply, treatment, distribution, sewer collection, and sewer treatment infrastructure by viewing the Westminster Water Essentials infographic.