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Instructor Bios

Grand Master Kent Hups Our long-time TaeKwon-Do instructor, Grand Master Hups, completed his 9th-degree black belt testing in June 2019. This moved him up to the “Grand Master” level-a very prestigious honor. Grand Master Hups has been practicing the art of TaeKwon-Do since 1974 and started working with the City of Westminster TaeKwon-Do program in 1991 at The MAC. Grand Master Hups has had the honor of training with the founder of TaeKwon-Do, the late General Choi Hong Hi. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to train in our youth, teen, adult and family classes under the expertise of a Grand Master.

Ms. Harness started practicing TaeKwon-Do in 2008, finally following her childhood dream of participating in martial arts. She achieved her current rank of fourth Dan, aka 4th-degree black belt, in 2018, and is looking forward to the exciting challenges her next testing will have to offer. A former Hups TaeKwon-Do class student, she loves teaching students of all ages, deepening their knowledge, understanding, and skill, as well as sharing her passion for the TaeKwon-Do martial art.

Mr. Heyl has been practicing TaeKwon-Do as a student under Master Hups at The MAC since 2010. He achieved his current rank of 3rd Dan, aka 3rd degree black belt, in December 2017, and is working hard to prepare for his 4th Dan requirements. Mr. Heyl enjoys teaching the art of TaeKwon-Do to all of our students.

Mr. Good has been a student of Master Hups for more than 20 years and has received his 4th Dan (4th Degree Black Belt). With a background in engineering, he enjoys applying science to TaeKwon-Do techniques, especially kicks. He likes to use an interactive instruction style focusing on answering questions, demonstrations and clear explanations to help TaeKwon-Do students understand technique and develop muscle control. Mr. Good recently returned to our TaeKwon-Do team to continue teaching the activity he loves.