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Westy Water


Westy Water—Westminster’s new customer portal is coming February 2023

Westminster’s new customer portal offers residents and customers the ability to monitor water consumption and receive emergency leak alerts via email. You'll be able to compare past water consumption, pay your water bill, and learn about water efficiency programs that could help you save water and money.  


Data dashboard 

The data dashboard allows customers to view their current month’s water bill in comparison to the same month of last year in a friendly, visual dashboard.    

Secure billing and payments

Track billing history, set bill payment alerts, and make bill payments online. 

Receive leak alerts

Automatic emergency email notifications when a potential leak is detected at your home or business.  

Monitor usage

View your hourly, daily, and monthly water consumption to identify ways to conserve water and save money. 

For security purposes, current Paymentus account holders will need to update your password to access Westy Water. Please expect to receive additional information in the coming weeks before Westy Water goes live the week of February 13.





For questions regarding your water utility bill, please contact Utility Billing:

By phone:303-658-2405

By email: ub@cityofwestminster.us

In person: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at City Hall