City Boards and Commissions Application

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Application for Appointment to City Boards and Commissions

City of Westminster, Colorado

NOTE: Please type your application, print it and sign it prior to submission. It is important to complete this application answering all questions to the fullest extent and to amplify on those responses requesting a narrative answer. This form together with any letter and/or resume you provide and your personal interview are the only materials City Council will have to screen applicants for appointments. Applications require your signature and cannot be submitted on line. Mail or deliver your application to Linda Yeager, City Clerk, 4800 West 92nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80031. All applications will be kept in a "pool of eligible applicants" for a period of one year after Council interviews have been conducted. Every Board and Commission member must be a resident of the City for at least one year prior to applying for appointment, a registered elector of the City, and a resident of Westminster during the full term of office. All Board members serve without compensation. Thank you for your interest in getting involved in your local government.

Please rank the top three boards you would be interested in serving on with 1 high and 3 low:

Election Commission
Environmental Advisory Board
Historic Landmark Board
Human Services Board
Inclusivity Board
Parks, Recreation, Libraries & Open Space Advisory Board
Personnel Board
Planning Commission
Special Permit and License Board

Date of Moving to Westminster
Work Phone
Home Phone
Email Address

Reason for your interest in serving on a Board or Commission?

What contributions do you feel you can make to the city?

What previous work experience, civic activity or other volunteer service would you bring to the position?

What is your perspective on the city's policies and philosophies currently administered as they relate to the Boards and Commissions?

How would you approach a decision on a board matter which involves strong feelings by citizens in opposition to an application or appeal before the board? How would you see yourself interacting with members and citizens who were objecting?

Would you be able to devote the time necessary to fulfill your obligations as a board member?

Westminster City Charter requires each applicant for appointment to a Board or Commission to submit an affidavit indicating whether he or she has been convicted of a felony under the laws of the State of Colorado or in another jurisdiction. The report of a felony shall include the type of offense, the date of the offense and may include the circumstances and any evidence of rehabilitation. Each applicant shall also give written permission for a criminal background investigation by the Westminster Police Department, who shall report to the City Clerk any felony convictions of an applicant found in their investigation. The City Clerk shall maintain the report in a file available to the public.

Current Residential Address
Length at Current Address
Drivers License Number
State of D/L Issue
Place of Birth
Date of Birth

I hereby certify that I have not been convicted of a felony under the laws of the State of Colorado or in another jurisdiction and the facts contained within this application and background report are true and correct. I further authorize the Westminster Police Department to conduct a criminal background investigation, with the understanding that any felony convictions found will become a matter of public record.