The City of Westminster operates under a decentralized purchasing system. That means that any purchasing decision up to $7,500 is made independently by the divisions in the city. When the estimated amount for a product or services falls between $7,500 to $50,000, the divisions are required to obtain three written quotes. 

On purchases beyond $50,000, the city requires the divisions to use the city's bid process. The bid process is initiated through either a Request for Bid (RFB), used when the city knows exactly what specifications it needs for the purchase; or a Request for Proposal (RFP), used when the exact specifications or process is unknown. 

Participating in the city's bid process is simple. Businesses may register their products or services based on the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) code with a company called Demand Star. After registering with the site, when a bid comes up that matches the selected NIGP code, the vendor is automatically notified via email that there is a bid available in their area of interest. If interested, the vendor can download any and all documents related to that particular bid for a onetime cost of $5.00. Businesses interested in Westminster should register access for Adams County. This site can be accessed by clicking on the "Current Bids Page" link above.  

Most, but not, all RFB’s and RFP’s are posted on Demand Star. Each RFB and RFP put out by the city is listed on the Demand Star web site by NIGP code, and by county. The status of the bid is kept current on the Demand Star site. Direct inquiries can by made via e-mail by clicking on the "Contact" box in the upper right corner, and then clicking on bid information for contractors and vendors. Or a vendor can contact a customer service staff at Demand Star directly at 1-800-711-1712. Questions can also be answered by calling the city directly and asking to talk to someone in the division who initiated the bid. 

The city's general telephone number is 303-658-2400.
Whitney Moore, Interim Purchasing Officer,