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The City of Westminster enjoys a long history of support for, and interest in, public libraries. In 1919, the Westminster Public Library Association was formed. Books were made available to town residents in a millinery shop. The shop’s owner, Miss Sadie Anderson, can rightfully be called Westminster’s first librarian. Over the next several decades, library services moved from the millinery to a local elementary school to a grocery store to a community church and finally, in 1951, to the then City Hall.

While library locations and services have continued to evolve into the twenty-first century, the core mission of the library has remained the same: connecting users with resources. Today’s Westminster Public Library supports the cultural, informational, social and intellectual needs of the Westminster community by offering a wide variety of resources, materials, and programs for youth, teens and adults of all ages. The Library is a platform for learning, creativity, innovation; it is a safe space for all with access to information, resources, knowledge, and recreation.

The Library consists of: