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Emergency Management

Disaster preparedness is a shared responsibility of all city departments, our residents, our business community and our service and faith-based organizations. Community preparedness and resilience depends on everyone doing their part to be aware of our potential hazards and being mentally prepared to quickly implement their shelter-in-place or evacuation plan. Being aware, building a kit and having a plan can help you, your family and our community be ready to respond to and recovery from any natural or human caused disaster.

Winter Preparedness

Business Preparedness

Family Preparedness

Preparedness videos for kids (disaster dodgers)

Preparedness for Schools and Houses of Worship

Mitigation Plan-Update

Mitigation is an essential element of making our communities as safe and resilient as possible. Under the Federal Mitigation Act of 2000, communities must maintain and periodically update their mitigation plan if they wish to be eligible for federal assistance with pre- or post-disaster mitigation and recovery. The community Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) includes an assessment of our natural hazards and strategies we can take to reduce them. Our 5-year Hazard Mitigation Plan-Update was adopted by City Council on September 24, 2018. It is the product of a two year effort that involved most city departments, numerous community stakeholders and input from many of our residents. Thank you to everyone who participated in the whole-community effort. Please keep in mind that this is a living document and efforts to update and implement it require continuous engagement. Your feedback and comments are welcome (gmoser@cityofwestminster.us)

2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan-Update


MARPLOT (Mapping Application for Response, Planning and Local Operational Tasks) is a free to download and simple to use GIS tool put out by the NOAA/EPA. MARPLOT is used by Emergencies Managers to better illustrate community capabilities and may be useful to other organizations in need of GIS tools. The following tutorial was created by Westminster Emergency Management to provide a basic introduction to this valuable resource.

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