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Westminster Forward is a coordination of long-term plans/projects to create the framework for the future of Westminster. This initiative includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Plan (land use and planning)
  • Parks, Recreation and Libraries Plan
  • Transportation and Mobility Plan
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Water Supply Plan

These efforts will take place along with specific projects to update the city's Development Code, Design Standards and Sign Code

Due to the interrelatedness of these efforts, and to ensure opportunities for resident and stakeholder involvement, the city will strive to coordinate public engagement to ensure continuity of vision and direction throughout the process.

Get Involved

Westminster Forward continues to seeks input to help develop policies and actions to shape our future through this coordinated set of city plans. If you are unable to attend the the People, Places & Plans Open House events you may select to offer feedback on one or more of the following plans: Comprehensive Plan; Parks, Recreation & Libraries Plan; Sustainability Plan; Transportation & Mobility Plan; and Water Supply Plan through the below online survey. Your input will help establish priorities and actions for development of these plans. 

Two reference maps have been drafted for the People, Places & Plans events in September and October 2019. These include a preliminary "Areas of Change" map that delineates nine "opportunity areas" in the City where most new development and redevelopment is anticipated to occur as well as identifying potential other locations of future change and current development projects already under going City review. A second map is a generalized framework for the next phase which is land use mapping. The generalized framework is meant to identify concepts for the future land use plan at a high level.

To view exhibits from the People, Places & Plans events in September and October 2019, click here.

Take the Westminster Forward survey

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The example below shows how the Westminster Forward plans might interface in one particular location. 
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Westy Forward_working together_drawingPublic outreach efforts are anticipated to be completed in early 2020 with finalization of plan documents in the first half of 2020. Specific timing will take into consideration the city's public engagement activities such as Water 2025, Drought Management Plan, Value of Water, Sign Code and the Harris Park Plan to minimize confusion and public fatigue and increase community awareness of how the plans inform/integrate with one another. These considerations may affect the overall plan schedules.


Westminster Forward provides opportunities to coordinate community engagement and plan content development for multiple citywide plans.  While each plan may be in a different phase than others, the project teams are continually coordinating to ensure the plans are working together to address the city's Vision, Strategic Plan, and other citywide goals.

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