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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission conducts public hearings and takes action on the following: review and approval of the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, proposed development plans, review of proposed annexations, zoning and rezoning requests, and zoning regulations related to development controls. The commission has final approval authority on official development plans and recommends action to City Council regarding annexations, rezonings, Comprehensive Land Use Plan amendments, preliminary development plans and zoning regulation amendments. A primary goal is to balance the interests of the development community with the interests of the residents and neighborhoods to create a city the citizens can be proud of into the future. Planning Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month on an as-needed basis at 7 p.m. Meetings last between one and two hours each.

Board members:

Jim Boschert (Chairperson)
David Carpenter
Tracy Colling
Lawrence Dunn
Mike Litzau
Richard Mayo
Joe McConnell (Vice-Chairperson)
Tracey Welch (Alternate)
David Tomecek (2nd Alternate)

Council Liaison: David DeMott

Staff Liaison: John McConnell


Planning Commission Packet Oct. 23, 2018