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Mid-Year 2018 Budget

The 2018 budget was adopted in October 2016. As part of the two-year budget process, a financial update and budget review is to be conducted in the fall of 2017 to review any recommended modifications to the adopted 2018 budget and to review any new citizen requests. 

Citizen input is encouraged throughout the budget process. A public meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 11, to allow for resident input.

A budget review with City Council is scheduled for their regularly scheduled Sept. 18 Study Session. Staff will prepare a staff report with any additional citizen requests prior to the Study Session to review the budget on Sept.18.

As adjustments are reviewed and finalized with the amendment to the adopted 2018 budget, please note that minor adjustments in the final balancing may be necessary. Any additional recommended changes from this staff report will be highlighted in the agenda memorandum for City Council consideration on Oct. 9.

View the staff report regarding the 2018 proposed budget review.

View the proposed amendment to the 2018 adopted budget.

View the presentation from City Council's budget review.