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Proposed 2022 Budget

2022 Proposed Budget

The City Manager has proposed the City's 2022 Budget.

In 2020 and 2021, the City of Westminster took measured, timely, and courageous actions to fight a public health emergency, avert a financial collapse, and respond to the unprecedented needs of our community. Along with years of responsible fiscal planning, a timely injection of federal stimulus funds, and some belt tightening, we ensured that the city could continue to serve our residents and businesses.

We deferred spending, froze hiring, and asked hundreds of employees to perform new public service roles so we could avoid furloughs, pay cuts, and layoffs during an unprecedented public health emergency. Through these challenges, we have learned innumerable lessons from this past year, and our city is stronger and more resilient than ever. I am pleased to present to you the proposed 2022 budget that builds upon the progress we have made as a city over the past year.

This budget supports Westminster residents and businesses, allowing our community to continue recovery and move forward together. It directly benefits our residents and businesses. This budget also implements the recently adopted Strategic Plan and Vision.

While the City has traditionally followed a biennial budget schedule, Council wisely chose to adopt a one-year budget to provide the financial flexibility needed to respond to the economic challenges presented by the pandemic. This proposed 2022 budget is the second year of what would have been the biennial budget.

Pursuant to City Charter, City Council will adopt the 2022 Budget by no later than October 25, 2021.

Public feedback will be accepted until adoption of the budget. Public hearings on the 2022 Budget will be held on September 13 and September 27. The intent of the public hearings is to receive community requests, comments, and suggestions.