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Legislative Action

City of Westminster Legislative Program

The City of Westminster follows legislative activity in the Colorado General Assembly very closely.

Prior to each legislative session, City Council adopts a Legislative Policy Statement (see below) that identifies general issues that significantly impact the City of Westminster, along with the city’s policy principles on these issues. The Legislative Policy Statement is consistent with City Council’s Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives. Using City Council's adopted Legislative Policy Statement as a guide, city staff will review and analyze bills introduced in the Colorado General Assembly that have a potential impact on the city's interests.

For more information on the City of Westminster's legislative program, contact the City Manager's Office at 303-658-2004.

2017 Legislative Policy Statement

2017 State Legislative Issues Guide

2017 Federal Legislative Issues Guide

Official City Positions

List of city supported and opposed bills, with links to the bills and position papers.


House Bill 17-1032 - Concerning the evidentiary privilege for communications made during the provision of certain peer support services .

House Bill 17-1242 - Concerning transportation funding.

Senate Bill 17-279 - Concerning clarification of the applicability provisions of recent legislation to promote an equitable financial contribution among affected public bodies in connection with urban redevelopment projects allocating tax revenues .

House Bill 17-1279 - Concerning the requirement that a unit owners’ association obtain approval through a vote of unit owners before filing a construction defect action .


House Bill 17-1167 - Concerning a requirement that a business improvement district include existing businesses.

House Bill 17-1161 - Concerning measures to promote transparency in connection with urban renewal projects allocating tax revenues .

House Bill 17-1053 - Concerning orders for electronic communications.

Senate Bill 17-285 - Concerning modifications to statutory provisions governing downtown development authorities to promote the equitable financial contribution among affected public bodies in connection with development projects allocating tax revenues .

House Bill 17-1348 - Concerning free use of any north interstate highway 25 express lane for any motor vehicle that is occupied by two or more individuals, including the driver .

Senate Bill 17-290 - Concerning a requirement that engineering plans involving excavation provide detailed information about the location of underground utilities