The City of Westminster Building Division offers a walk-through plan review and permit process for minor residential construction projects. In most cases, this process allows contractors and homeowners to obtain permits for small projects during the walk-through, rather than wait the normal review time of two to four weeks.

The walk-through is restricted to:

Patio covers
Basement finishes
Detached garages
Storage sheds
Simple interior remodels
Structural repairs
Fire repairs
Hot tubs
Gas pipe plan reviews
Similar small projects

New home construction, additions, sunrooms, larger interior remodels, photovoltaic systems,or commercial projects will NOT be included in this process. This service is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Walk-through hours are as follows:

Mondays. 1 -5 p.m.

Thursdays, 8 a.m. to noon

See the walk-through plan check list from more information. 

Residential Plan Review

Residential Plan Submittal Information/Requirements

Design Criteria for Structures

Fire Sprinkler Submittal Requirements

Residential Master Plan Submittal

Residential Energy Code Submittal Requirements 

Lot Grade Survey Program for Residential New Construction

 Individual Lot Survey Certification

 Individual Lot Survey Review Procedure

 Foundation Survey Certification Form

Residential Lot Survey Checklist 

Project Guides

The Westminster Building Division has helpful handouts on a variety of home and commercial projects. These handouts will provide general information and outline the pertinent information need to obtain a building permit.

Resources for Homeowners

Building Division  

Westminster City Hall, 4800 W. 92nd Ave.
Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


We are available Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings on a walk-in basis to review plans on residential construction projects and issue permits if the project is approved.