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Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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2/2/21 Former officer sentenced

To our Westminster community:

Yesterday, former Westminster police officer Curtis Arganbright was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison for civil rights violations resulting from an on duty sexual assault of a woman he gave a ride to in his police vehicle after a call for service in August of 2017.  

Although this assault occurred 3 ½ years ago, it is no less shocking or horrific. At the time, and to this day, the shock and disgust felt by all Westminster employees and especially those in the police department has never diminished.  Our hearts break for the victim in this case. Although this sentencing concludes the legal process, the lifelong impacts to the victim are clearly ongoing and forever. It is not lost on any of us at WPD, the Westminster City Manager and our employees, and especially me as the Chief of Police, that it was an officer wearing our uniform that inflicted this horrible suffering. We all share in the aguish on behalf of the victim in this case.

Westminster PD fully cooperated with the investigation which ultimately resulted in criminal charges being filed in the district court of Adams/Broomfield County in late 2017. Arganbright pled guilty to unlawful sexual contact in that case and was sentenced to 90-days in jail. The feeling of disbelief resurfaced through our department and community at such a sentence. Ultimately federal civil rights charges were brought against Arganbright that resulted in the sentence imposed yesterday.

At the same time the initial criminal charges were filed, the Westminster Police Department set upon a thorough review of every incident where Arganbright interacted with the public, and reviewed our hiring and background processes to confirm that we did not miss something in his background and to ensure a person like this never enters our profession again through our department.

WPD has intentionally remained silent on this case aside from my original public statement announcing the arrest of Arganbright in September of 2017.  This was done intentionally to ensure the proper legal processes could continue and that there would be no accusations of WPD attempting to interfere or influence, in any way, with either the state or federal prosecution.

It is only now that I can share my disgust and horror with our community at this criminal act committed by someone in my department. These same sentiments are shared by each and every member of the Westminster Police Department and all our city staff. Such action deserves the fullest and harshest penalty our criminal justice system can impose. There is no police officer, anywhere, who should expect anything less for such criminal activity.

In our only prior public statement, referenced above, I stated that the facts related to this case sicken my soul. I feel this no less today on behalf of the victim, our staff, and our community. The criminal actions of this individual have understandably only added to strained community relationships we have seen across the country in the past year.

Our commitment to honorable and professional policing for the community of Westminster has never been more imperative or important to me or our staff. The very public conclusion of this horrible three year old criminal act once again raises the issues of public trust, confidence and accountability with law enforcement.  Myself, and members of the Westminster Police Department can only express our ongoing commitment to service and accountability to our public and all crime victims as we continue to move forward.

Yesterday’s announcement from the United States Attorney’s Office regarding the sentencing of Curtis Arganbright highlights the justice system worked in a comprehensive and thorough manner to ensure utmost accountability. This could not have occurred without the dedication of our law enforcement partners at the Broomfield Police Department, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  We commend the victim for having the courage to come forward and report the assault.  It is our hope that the conclusion of the federal case brings another layer of justice for the victim and her family.     

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