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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

City Plow Workers Gear Up for Incoming Winter Storm

City Plow Workers Gear Up for Incoming Winter Storm

The City of Westminster's Public Works and Utilities Department is prepared for Wednesday's incoming snow storm that is expected to bring anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of snow to the Denver Metro area.

Although Westminster, like many municipalities across the state, continues to navigate staffing challenges due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the City does not expect staffing shortfalls to have a negative impact on plow operations this week. Even though there will be a smaller number of crews assigned to each plow, the City expects to deliver the same level of service as with previous storms.

Unfortunately, we can’t plow 1,100 miles of road all at once. The City prioritizes snow removal based on severity and timing of the snow storm to ensure the main thoroughfares are open and accessible for emergency services to continue operating, and sometimes that means some streets will have to wait a little longer than we would prefer. Westminster’s priority during any snowstorm is to keep primary and secondary streets open and safe for the public. In addition, priorities are given to streets adjacent to hospitals, police, fire/rescue squad stations, schools, RTD bus routes and dangerous intersections, hills or curves on residential streets. 

Residential streets only receive service if snow accumulations are greater than 8 inches and after the above priorities are addressed. Wednesday's storm is not forecasted to bring an amount of snow near those levels.

The City partners closely with The Colorado Department of Transportation to ensure roads are plowed promptly. While CDOT plows the region's main thoroughfares such as US 36, Federal, and Wadsworth Parkway, the City will handle Sheridan, Lowell, and Church Ranch within the city. 

"Our primary objective when we deploy our snow removal team is to improve driving conditions during inclement weather, not to remove all snow and ice from the road surface," said Kurt Muehlemeyer, Street Operations Manager for the City's Public Works & Utilities Department. "Drivers still need to be prepared for snowy, icy and/or slushy conditions, have a good working vehicle with proper tire tread, drive defensively and most importantly slow down. Also, please give our snow plows room to operate and be patient as they plow and apply deicers to the roadway."

Did you know the City of Westminster has a map of snow plow routes that show residents the priority level of streets nearest you? Find it here.

You can also read our FAQ's to learn more about the City's snow and ice removal routine, and what to expect as a resident.


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