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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Residents share feedback on the future of the Harris Park area

Residents share feedback on the future of the Harris Park area

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, a multi-departmental team of city staff facilitated a community workshop to discuss the Harris Park Area Plan. Over 100 members of the public attended in addition to all City Council members, Mayor Herb Atchison, County Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio, members of the Planning Commission and Inclusivity Board, and City Manager Don Tripp.  

The meeting kicked-off with an address by the mayor and city manager thanking everyone for participating in the beginning of the Harris Park Area Plan planning process. This introduction was followed by a brief presentation about the plan, its goals, the need for community input, and how this plan will provide guidance and direction on future redevelopment in the area.

Participants were then invited to participate in mapping exercises designed to identify opportunities for gateways, infrastructure improvements and connections inside and around a defined core area. The community was also asked to identify places that they loved and things about their neighborhood that “bugged” them.  

In the second activity, meeting participants were asked to envision the future of sub-areas of the core using paper footprints of buildings, parks and plazas. Using images of different scales and styles of buildings, the community added additional detail about new development, redevelopment and the types of civic improvements they would like to see in their neighborhood. 

Staff is reviewing the meeting products, but it is clear that the meeting participants were engaged, energized and had strong feelings about the future of the Harris Park area. The level of participation was unparalleled and provides a reminder about the power of  the community voice and the important role that public employees  serve in engaging with community to help shape future growth of the city.

Learn more about the Harris Park Area Plan.

The success of this workshop rests on the tight coordination between the City Manager’s Office,  Community Development, Economic Development, and Parks, Recreation, and Library.  A big thanks goes out to the many individuals who pitched in—teamwork was key to making this event possible and making it a success. Staff is looking forward to continuing working  with members from this unique and vibrant community.

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