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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Third graders peek behind the scenes at City Hall campus

Third graders peek behind the scenes at City Hall campus

It was field trip day for the third graders from Rocky Mountain Elementary School with Westminster’s City Hall and Public Safety Center as their destination. About 75 students and chaperones visited on Thursday, Sept. 12, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. and were educated/entertained by the several of the city’s departments.

“This trip integrates with our social studies curriculum since we study municipal government, so seeing employees in action and learning about all the city services was invaluable for them,” said third grade teacher Mandi Murphey.

The students learned about elections and what the Mayor does from City Clerk Michelle Parker. They interacted with an IT technology petting zoo of servers, 3-D printed items and hardware from the 1980s thanks to IT intern Cameron Schweder. In Council Chambers, the third graders wrote out their name one letter at a time with their heads with Open Space Specialist Kristen May and Intern Julia Kast.

Heading outside, Assistant City Forester Bryan McCoy and Arborist Technician Brent Engel demonstrated how they climb trees and talked about taking care of the city’s urban forest.

“The kids asked great questions and were very interested in what the city does for the trees we maintain,” said McCoy. “And, no, we didn’t let them play with the chainsaws.”

Firefighter Ronnie Taylor, Fire Engineer Chad Sigg and Firefighter Jake FitzPatrick from fire station 2 brought engine number 2 and showed off the equipment on the apparatus as they talked about their job duties.

In the Public Safety Center, Senior Police Officer Luis Lopez walked them through dispatch’s 24/7/365 operation and gave the kids a rundown of a Police Department SUV used during patrol.

Wrapping up the tour, Mayor Atchison and Councilor Volez talked about their roles as elected representatives of the citizens of Westminster. The class also watched several Jackie of All Trades videos and were treated to a cameo by Executive Aide Jackie Bowers herself!

“The kids were so happy and said that meeting me was one of their favorite parts!” said Bowers as she gave them hugs and high fives.

Also involved in the coordination and execution of the tour was City Management Intern Bobby Tech, Executive Aide Alyssa Nilemo, Executive Assistant Kathryn Schroeder, Executive Assistant Karen Gay, and Temporary CMO Assistant Vanna Banchongchith.

Thanks to Ms. Murphey and her third grade class for visiting!

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