Taking an art class can improve your life in many ways – sign up today and take advantages of just a few of the benefits of art:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Reduces stress - helps you feel calm and happy 
  • Improves personal wellness by increasing positive emotions
  • Creates opportunities for spontaneity and joy

Class Offerings

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Drawing - Beginners Only
See how basic shapes are combined with line, value, and texture. Students develop fundamental drawing skills with these techniques, close observation and drawing exercises. Instructor: Paul Birchak.

Testimonials from past participants:

  • "Paul provides individual guidance, suggestions and assistance in creating a drawing that students feel good about. I liked when he described my work as “astronomical” last week. I’m not sure what that means, but I found it amusing!"
  • "Since it requires focused attention, you really see all the details of the people or objects you're drawing and it gives you a better appreciation of everything that surrounds you."
  • "It gives me joy. I learn to express myself through art."

Drawing - All Levels
Explore drawing in all the many mediums available. Use traditional pencil, colored pencil and pastel pencil. Still life, landscape and figurative ideas will be explored. This is a great class even if you have very little experience but want to move that art passion into the next level. Instructor: Paul Birchak

All About Color
Learn about the incredible world of color and how to mix paints to create a vast variety of possibilities and applications. Using water-based oils or acrylics, create a full color catalog for all your future painting adventures. Instructor: Paul Birchak

Colored Pencil Workshop
Create realistic drawings with Prismacolor® colored pencils through blending, burnishing and various texture applications. Prismacolors® are controllable and forgiving, offering plenty of trail and success. One-hour lunch. Instructor: Sandra Davis

Testimonials from past participants:

  • "Makes me feel good about myself."
  • "It keeps me balanced and more serene."
  • "I have learned so much about the different mediums in art and I have a much greater appreciation for the work that goes into art pieces."

Draw Your Own Pet
Create realistic drawings of your special pet with Prismacolor® colored pencils through blending, burnishing, and various texture applications. Prismacolors® are controllable and forgiving, offering plenty of trial and success. One-hour lunch. Instructor:  Sandra Davis

Testimonials from past participants:

  • "Art stimulates my brain."
  • "Even people who never drew or hadn't for years made beautiful art! Sandra is a great teacher."

Digital Photography

Beginning Photography
Focus on digital photography as a fine art medium and develop basic camera operation skills. Create sharp, properly exposed photos using various settings. Class covers technical and artistic/aesthetic concepts. Requires a working digital camera, preferably a DLSR with manual adjustments. Class includes outdoor field trips. Instructor:  Harry Olsson

Photo Portfolio Review
Receive a 30 minute review of your photos at this gentle critique, based on artistic merit and expression. Images will also be reviewed for technical execution and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback regarding aperture, lighting and related topics. Bring 15-20 prints of your photos; call 303-658-2213 to make your appointment. Instructor: Andreas Beuschel

Oil Painting

Beginners Only
Learn the basics of oil painting materials and their use, then progress to colors and color mixing, values and composition. Each night includes a demonstration and exercise to incorporate lessons learned into a beginning painting. Instructor: Marva Moir. 

Receive individual attention on your projects. Color and value are emphasized; tips and techniques are presented to help artists grow their work. Instructor: Marva Moir.


Do you want to use watercolors because of their vibrancy and spontaneity but the last time you tried you created a mud puddle? Learn about watercolor surfaces, mixing and controlling paint, and various types of paints and brushes. Complete a small painting to frame at home. $15 supply fee due at first class. Instructor: John Brasaemle.