Taking an art class can improve your life in many ways – sign up today and take advantages of just a few of the benefits of art:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Reduces stress - helps you feel calm and happy 
  • Improves personal wellness by increasing positive emotions
  • Creates opportunities for spontaneity and joy

Class Offerings

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Drawing - Beginning
See how basic shapes are combined with line, value, and texture. Students develop fundamental drawing skills with these techniques, close observation and drawing exercises. Instructor: Paul Birchak.

Drawing - Beginning/Intermediate 
Explore drawing in all the many mediums available. Use traditional pencil, colored pencil and pastel pencil. Still life, landscape and figurative ideas will be explored. This is a great class even if you have very little experience but want to move that art passion into the next level. Instructor: Paul Birchak.

Colored Pencil
Create realistic drawings with Prismacolor® colored pencils through blending, burnishing, and various texture applications. Prismacolors® are controllable and forgiving, offering plenty of trial and success. One-hour lunch. Instructor: Sandra Davis.

Draw Your Own Pet
Your special pet deserves a portrait! Create realistic drawings of your special pet with Prismacolor® colored pencils through blending, burnishing, and various texture applications. Start taking photos of your pet now, to bring to the workshop. One-hour lunch. Instructor: Sandra Davis.

Digital Photography

Photography I
Develop basic camera operation skills while creating sharp, properly exposed photos using various settings. Class covers technical and artistic/aesthetic concepts. Focus on digital photography as a fine art medium. Requires a working digital camera, preferably a DLSR with manual adjustments. Outdoor photo shoots are part of this class. Instructor: Harry Olsson.

Oil Painting

Beginners Only
Learn the basics of oil painting materials and their use, then progress to colors and color mixing, values and composition. Each night includes a demonstration and exercise to incorporate lessons learned into a beginning painting. Instructor: Marva Moir. 

Receive individual attention on your projects. Color and value are emphasized; tips and techniques are presented to help artists grow their work. Instructor: Marva Moir.


Do you want to use watercolors because of their vibrancy and spontaneity but the last time you tried you created a mud puddle? Learn about watercolor surfaces, mixing and controlling paint, and various types of paints and brushes. Complete a small painting to frame at home. $15 supply fee due at first class. Instructor: John Brasaemle.

The Next Step
Instructor John Brasaemle guides those with previous watercolor experience through short exercises and a new technique each week to complete a painting each night. Prerequisite: a beginning watercolor course. Minor homework is part of this fun and more advanced class. $20 supply fee due first night.