Taking an art class can improve your life in many ways – sign up today and take advantages of just a few of the benefits of art:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Reduces stress - helps you feel calm and happy 
  • Improves personal wellness by increasing positive emotions
  • Creates opportunities for spontaneity and joy

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Class Offerings


Drawing - Beginners

Learn basic drawing skills to understanding of form and shape. Practices lines/drawing values to form an object and then apply the skills to create a drawing.  This is a great class for beginning artists and doers who want to try something new. Class is limited to those with no or very limited drawing experience. Instructor: Dana Schoeneschoefer

Testimonial from past participant: "Since it requires focused attention, you really see all the details of the people or objects you're drawing and it gives you a better appreciation of everything that surrounds you."

Drawing - All Levels

Explore drawing skills and start to understand forms, using lights and darks to shape the subject. Practice line/drawing values, edges and planes in learning about design and perspective. Apply these skills to create a drawing. Great for beginners and intermediate artists who want to continue learning about drawing. Instructor: Dana Schoeneschoefer

Drawing from Photographs Workshop

As you learn to draw from a photograph, explore color, light and perspective using pencils and other mediums. Still life, landscape and portraits will be covered - different subjects to create a work of art. Half-hour lunch break. Instructor: Dana Schoeneschoefer

Digital Photography

Beginning Photography

Focus on digital photography as a fine art medium and develop basic camera operation skills. Create sharp, properly exposed photos using various settings. Class covers technical and artistic/aesthetic concepts. Requires a working digital camera, preferably a DLSR with manual adjustments. Outdoor photo shoots are part of this class. Instructor: Harry Olsson

Testimonial from past participant: "Class has brought me so much joy and I have learned how to express myself through art."

Oil Painting


Give painting a try! Learn the basics of composition, oil painting materials and their use, then progress to colors and color mixing, values and composition. Start with a landscape, then proceed to your choice of subject. Each class includes a demonstration taught by a fun and patient instructor! Instructor: Marva Moir

Testimonial from past participant: "This was my first art class and I was absolutely blown away by my teacher!"


Join this class of serious artists to paint, discuss techniques and share your passion for art. Color and value are emphasized. Tips and techniques are presented to help artists grow their work in an encouraging, informal setting. Instructor: Marva Moir



Do you want to use watercolors because of their vibrancy and spontaneity, but the last time you tried, you created a mud puddle? Learn about watercolor surfaces, mixing and controlling paint, various types of watercolor paint, and brushes. Complete a small painting to frame at home. $10 supply fee due at class. Half-hour lunch break. Instructor: Dana Schoeneschoefer

Testimonial from past participant: "My stress level is through the roof but this outlet has been a true gift. The community I find myself a part of now is unbelievable."

Intermediate Watercolor Workshop

If you have taken a beginning watercolor class or workshop and have a paint kit, but want to further in your skills, this is the workshop for you. Complete two paintings with at least one painted outdoors. The workshop begins with demonstrations, followed by guided independent work on the assignment. $10 supply fee due at class. Half-hour lunch break. Instructor: Dana Schoeneschoefer

Mixed Media

Mixed Media and More

Great for absolute beginners and those with experience as well! Explore and experiment with a variety of art mediums and styles. Incorporate painting, collage and three-dimensional techniques. Learn about and create with abstracts, realism, impressionism and multi-media. Learn to let go while nurturing your creative soul (and brain)! All materials included in class fee. Instructor: Anne Emmons