Discover how to create with clay – the preparation, the response, the process and the total transformation of a basic material from the earth into something functional and/or decorative. Learn how to use both hand-building and wheel throwing techniques. The therapeutic value is measured in stress reduction, maintaining connections in the brain, creating unique things that reflect your interests and spirit, and building new friendships.

Testimonials from past participants:

  • "It is my time to escape and do something I really enjoy."
  • "I feel my time spent doing art allows me to handle other areas of my life better."
  • "Creative outlet, relaxation, socialization."
  • "All my friends love getting something of mine for presents."

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Pottery Class Offerings

Adult pottery classes include 25 pounds of clay, glazes, and two firings. A second 25-pound bag of clay may be purchased for an additional fee. Cone 10 reduction is taught. Tools are purchased separately. The City Park Pottery Studio is a recreational learning environment; production pottery is not permitted. Ages: 21+. 

Pottery All Levels
Learn techniques for throwing on the wheel as well as hand-building. A great class if you are new to clay and for those with experience, continue your understanding of beginning techniques while extending skills in forms, decorating, and "being centered". Demonstrations are provided for both beginning and intermediate students. Daytime and evening classes are offered.

Clay Explorations
Explore new avenues in ceramic art and receive instruction designed for intermediate to advanced potters.

Practice Time (POTS - Pottery Open Time Slots)
Practice your craft and explore your own direction in these 3-hour blocks of time. Since instruction is not provided, students must have well-developed pottery skills or be currently enrolled in a pottery class at City Park Recreation Center to participate. Glazing and firing is included; clay is an additional fee.

Majolica Workshop
Learn this colorful Italian decorating technique–includes demonstration, creating and decorating. For intermediate and advanced potters only.
Instructor: Johanna O’Connell