Every child can benefit from an art or craft class. Children will:

  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Improve fine-motor skills
  • Build friendships
  • Learn to understand themselves (and others)
  • Learn to express thoughts and emotions that can be hard to put into words
  • Create opportunities for spontaneity (and it’s fun!)

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Youth Art

 Acrylic Painting - Ocean Pour
Surf’s up! Using acrylic paints on canvas, create a beach-side paint pour piece. All supplies included. AGES: 8-12  Instructors: Chromatix

Acrylic Painting - Halloween Pour
Come join us in a spooky yet fun class, using a paint pour technique! Stir your creative juices to make some art to display on Halloween. All supplies included. AGES: 7-10 Instructors: Chromatix

Acrylic Painting – Landscape Art
Using different tools, acrylic paints and beads, create a beautiful landscape. All supplies included. AGES: 7-10  Instructors: Chromatix


Youth Pottery

Create with Clay
Kids’ imaginations will spark and spirits soar as they make several hand-built and wheel-thrown objects from clay. AGES: 8-12  Instructor:  Stefanie Howard   

Pottery on the Wheel
Learn the techniques necessary for throwing pottery on the wheel. Make a variety of functional and decorative items. AGES: 12-15  Instructor:  Alicia Maddison