Every child can benefit from an art or craft class. Children will:

  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Improve fine-motor skills
  • Build friendships
  • Learn to understand themselves (and others)
  • Learn to express thoughts and emotions that can be hard to put into words
  • Create opportunities for spontaneity (and it’s fun!)

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Class offerings

Bee Hive Art

Create an amazing bee hive using bubble wrap and acrylic paints on canvas! Learn a fun way to use different tools and textures when painting to create a mixed media piece. All supplies are included. Ages: 4-8. Instructors: Chromatix  

Mixed Media - Sunflowers

Create a beautiful sunflower using the mixed media technique. Learn how different materials add texture and character to your art piece to give it a 3D effect. No experience necessary and all supplies included. Ages: 10-14. Instructors: Chromatix

Sunset Broccoli Art

Create a fun and exciting landscape on canvas using broccoli as a stamping tool. This allows kids to learn how different tools can create images from nature. All supplies are included. Ages: 4-8. Instructors: Chromatix   

Spring Break Craft Club - It's not just for kids! 

Enjoy some afternoon time to make fun, artsy pieces that encourage kids to use their imagination! A new craft is presented every day with stories and music, creating a place for relaxation, encouragement and renewal. All supplies included in fee. Ages: 6-9; parents and/or grandparents are invited to participate at no cost. Instructor: Flora Cardenas                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Create with Clay 

Imaginations will spark and spirits soar as kids make several hand-built objects from clay. Ages: 6-12 Instructor: Stefanie Howard. 

Parent and Child Pottery

Enjoy making several pieces using the pottery wheel, or use hand-building techniques. All pottery will be functional after fired and glazed. An adult must enroll with child and pay the same fee as the child. Ages: 8 and older. Instructor: Alicia Prehn