Every child can benefit from an art or craft class. Children will:

  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Improve fine-motor skills
  • Build friendships
  • Learn to understand themselves (and others)
  • Learn to express thoughts and emotions that can be hard to put into words
  • Create opportunities for spontaneity (and it’s fun!)

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Class offerings

Paint Pouring for Kids
Go with the flow! Learn how to pour paint onto wooden shapes to create a one-of-a-kind piece without using brushes. Finish your work the second day and write your own saying on each.

Mandala Rock Paintings
With acrylic paints and special tools, create your own Mandala on rocks. Create these intricate and unique pieces of art that can be uses as paperweights, gifts, or decorative items.

Craft Club
Come and play! Enjoy some afternoon time to make fun and artsy pieces that encourage kids to use their imagination. A new craft is presented every week, with stories and music, creating a place for relaxation and renewal. 

Passport Around the World
Explore different cultures around the world as you travel from continent to continent learning about and creating art! Collect a stamp in your passport each class, as you travel to a new corner of the world to explore the artistic traditions and techniques of local cultures. At the end of the week, create your own piece of art inspired by what you have learned!

Collage for Kids
Learn how to combine a variety of mediums to create a new picture. Cut papers, add paint, colored pencil, string, and more, and assemble them all together with glue. You don't need to have specific skills to create a collage using Jenny Goring’s techniques. What you will need is a fun-loving attitude, an inquisitive mind and a sense of discovery!   

Under the Sea
Dive under the sea and bring it to life in a beautiful sea turtle painting. Fuse painting on canvas with crafting to give your artwork a 3-D effect. This exciting way to experiment with texture gives kids the opportunity learn about sea turtles and includes a short lesson on keeping the oceans clean.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Create with Clay
Kids imaginations will spark and spirits soar as they make several hand-built objects from clay.

Pottery on the Wheel
Learn the techniques necessary for throwing pottery on the wheel - the process and learning to practice. 

Parent/Child Hand Building
Spend time together and enjoy an experience in clay. Adults must register with child. Fee is per person. 

Parent/Child Pottery on the Wheel
Enjoy making several dishes using the pottery wheel with your child. All pieces will be functional after fired and glazed. An adult must enroll with child and pay the same fee as the child. Age: 8 and older.