Heartifacts Pop-Up Museum

Family Treasures that Tell the Stories of our Community

Westminster’s Community Pop-Up Museum

October 2023

The Heartifacts Community Pop-Up Museum will celebrate diversity in our community through the display of family treasures that tell unique stories of culture and heritage.

Why have a pop-up community museum?

The voices of under-represented, under-resourced community members in Westminster, including Hmong, Latinx, Native American, and LGBTQ have not historically been amplified in an intentional, communal forum. These communities have rich cultures and unique perspectives that need to be shared. Heartifacts will provide a community forum for these voices to champion their culture, showcase treasures that represent their heritage, and connect the community in an exciting and fun way.

We are looking for Museum Participants!

Are you interested in sharing your family’s history and culture with the larger Westminster community? If so, click here to learn more about how you can be involved!


Please contact Kate Cooke, kcooke@cityofwestminster.us if you have questions or want to learn more about the Heartifacts project.