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Adult Player Development

At Legacy Ridge and Walnut Creek we provide a fun and friendly experience for adults to learn the game of golf. Our many options below help adults find a program that works best for them. Whether it is a first-time beginner group class, an Operation 36 program focused on playing the course, or a Tips and Sips class to "guarantee" the fun, we have many great options. 

Due to irrigation projects at both golf courses in 2022, program dates and times may be changed or cancelled. Thank you for understanding. Please reach out to Joe Carlton, PGA Head Golf Professional at Legacy Ridge Golf Course with any questions.

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Adult Beginner Classes 

  • Great value 
  • Four group lessons $99/person 
  • Rental golf clubs available, no additional charge
  • Classes start in April
  • Classes available at Legacy Ridge and Walnut Creek

Get Golf Ready

Get Golf Ready offers expert instruction for new golfers with four easy, fun and affordable group lessons. The Get Golf Ready program is a great start to your golf journey. Meet other beginner players as you learn the basics of the game, rules and equipment. Have fun and gain confidence with Get Golf Ready.

Get Golf Ready 1 classes will return in Spring of 2023

Get Golf Ready 2

Get Golf Ready 2 is a continuation of Get Golf Ready. This program is designed for the beginner to intermediate golfer looking for continued instruction.  During this four lesson program you will gain knowledge in more progressive topics intended to help you apply what you have learned to playing the course. 

Get Golf Ready 2 classes will return in 2023

Our SENIORS ONLY Golf Clinics are offered to folks aged 50 or wiser. They are fun, friendly and filled with great tips.
Senior Golf Clinics will be offered Wednesday mornings throughout the golf season at Walnut Creek and Legacy Ridge. Rental clubs provided if needed.

Clinic topics

  • Putting and green reading
  • Chipping, pitching, and bunker shots
  • Improve ball striking with irons
  • Hybrids and fairway woods/metals
  • More driver distance
  • How to practice
  • Game improvement
  • Golf fitness

Check back in March 2023 for schedule

Ready to Play!

A natural progression of our Get Golf Ready Classes.  Ready to play will help you take your newly found skills to the course.  With additional instruction and on course play the Ready to Play class will get you on your way to honing your game and preparing for your best golf!

$175 per student - includes 1hr of instruction during supervised practices.  Also, includes your green fee and shared cart for the on-course supervised practices

Check back in March 2023 for schedule

Wedge Clinics at Legacy Ridge

Did you know that two out of every three shots occur from within 125 yards of the hole? The key to scoring is learning the secrets from 125 and in. Join Legacy Ridge and Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade and Titleist  for a Wedge Clinic. You’ll receive one hour of expert short game instruction that will help you in all critical situations – chips, pitches, bunkers, flops and more. Every attendee will also receive a new wedge. This is truly one of the best investments you can make in your golf game in 2022. Don’t miss your chance to shoot lower scores!

To learn more: Callaway, PING, TaylorMade and Titleist 


New program in 2022! Operation 36 at Legacy Ridge

Operation 36 is for beginner adults looking to meet others and apply their newly learned skills on the golf course. This is a new take on learning golf as we get your learning by playing. On your first nine hole event you will play from division 1 (25 yards out). By scoring a 36 or better on nine holes, you will move back to division 2 (50 yards out) on your next attempt. Why 36? 36 is EVEN par on nine holes, averaging the score of four on each hole. Learn to play the game by working away from the hole while also learning the rules and etiquette. 

Operation 36 website

Check back in 2023 for schedule

Speed Clinics

More swing speed? This clinic is for you. Increase your swing speed to increase your distance. Using speed training clubs from SuperSpeed Golf ( and understanding your body’s natural movement, you will be able to see real gains in a short period of time. Max out your speed with this clinic.

Speed Series Level 1 at Legacy Ridge

The Speed Series

Check back in 2023 for schedule


Women's Golf Day at Legacy Ridge

Check back in 2023 for schedule

Ladies Golf Clinics

Our LADIES ONLY Golf Clinics provide ladies an avenue to learn golf together in a fun and friendly environment. Learn the basics of the game, rules, and equipment. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet others who are learning golf. Rental clubs provided if needed.  

Check back in 2023 for schedule

Tips and Sips

Join us for an hour with current friends (or sign up to make new ones) to learn some of the basics of golf in a casual atmosphere. Enjoy a drink throughout the clinic.

Check back in 2023 for schedule

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