Ages 6-8: FUNdamentals Junior Golf Classes offer kids a fun first experience with golf. Kids are encouraged to be junior golf detectives as they discover this new game and how to use its tools. Kids will gain knowledge of the equipment, basic rules and etiquette, and began to develop the physical movements related to golf. This is a great class to get your child started in golf!

Learn to Play

Ages 9-11: Learn to Play Junior Golf Classes provide the next step in golf learning. The focus will be on developing golf specific skills and learning how to translate those skills to the course. Kids will learn in a game-based environment. Other topics will include rules, etiquette, sportsmanship, and fitness. On – course experiences may happen pending golf course availability.  

Each Junior Golf Class includes:

  • Rental clubs (if needed)
  • Range pass punch card

The Golf Westminster Junior Program emphasizes physical literacy. Aligning with the Athletic Development Model means we incorporate multi-sport games and activities to impart a good foundation for overall movement.