This program is designed for those who wish to play or currently play at the high school level. The season-long program will focus on setting and achieving goals. Each student will benefit from skill development, video swing analysis, club fitting recommendations, fitness routines, and on course learning. This is a more comprehensive program for players willing to make the "jump" to the next level. For more information, please email Mike Weingartner, PGA at

Goal Assessment

Each student begins their season establishing both short-term and long-term goals that they wish to achieve during the season and in future seasons. These goals will be used as checkpoints to monitor their improvement throughout the season and beyond.

Swing Analysis

Student begins their season with an analysis of their swing and overall fundamentals. Next a plan is established to build and improve their abilities based off their beginning swing analysis. At the conclusion of their season, we will reflect on the changes that were made from the beginning of the season. 

Instruction Classes

Each week a group instruction class is held that covers a different topic. Learning in a group setting helps each student learn from others and create friendships with fellow students.

Example topics:

  • Creating power
  • Green reading
  • Short game technique and shot selection
  • Rules of golf and etiquette
  • Pre-shot and post-shot routine
  • Setup for success
  • Fitness and nutrition

Supervised Practices

Each week a supervised practice is held to cover what was learned at that week’s instruction class. These self-directed practice sessions help students understand the proper way of practicing and practicing with a purpose. 

Tournament Prep

Throughout the season tournament prep 9-hole events will take place. These tournament prep events give each student the opportunity to understand the feeling and pressure of playing in a competitive tournament atmosphere. These events will help each student integrate what they have learned and get more comfortable with etiquette and the rules of golf.

Schedule and Registration

This program is offered to ages 12-18. The fee is $175 per month. Each student's monthly registration fee includes one lesson and one practice per week. A 9-hole event will take place at the end of every month. 

Teen Elite Detailed Schedule