High Water Levels at mcKay Lake

May 15: Water levels at McKay Lake are extremely high, causing a section of the trail and the floating dock to be unusable. Repairs will be made once the ground is dry and firm enough to be workable. Please use this area with caution.

Big Dry Creek Signal and Trail Improvements Project

Project Details

The Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department, in conjunction with a series of funding grants from Adams County, will be making staged improvements along the Big Dry Creek Trail, including the installation of a full traffic light and pedestrian crossing at the entrance to Big Dry Creek Park on 128th Street, 1/4 mile east of Zuni Boulevard. 

Some trail sections are still in the planning stages and may be included in this project later. This project is part of the Westminster Open Space Stewardship Plan.

Benefits: When completed, the entire Big Dry Creek Trail will be paved in 10-foot wide concrete from I-25 in the northeast, to the edge of Standley Lake in the west. A 4-foot wide gravel sidepath will be installed where possible for those wanting to run on a softer, more natural surface.

A new traffic light at the entrance to Big Dry Creek Park on 128th Avenue will provide a much safer, controlled access to the park, and allow a grade connection to the Big Dry Creek Trail on the north side of the road.

Construction times and segments are subject to a wide array of conditions that may change the anticipated schedule. Please be aware that creating a detour for a trail can be difficult, and sometimes impossible because of conditions, or lack of options. The City will look at all options when closing a trail to minimize inconvenience to our trail users.

Timeline: Work commenced on the Big Dry Creek Trail on March 5, 2018 with a projected completion date of late September 2018. The concrete portions of the trail will open soon after completion, with the gravel sidepath being constructed as construction allows. Weather during the first two weeks of May has caused work to slow down.

Project Update

The Big Dry Creek Trail has been paved in concrete from Huron to 112th, and on two other segments near the Butterfly Pavilion. The trail is fully paved in concrete from I-25 to Wadsworth Parkway. Our contractor is now in the process of constructing the 4-foot wide gravel sidepath that will follow the new trail wherever possible. On existing paved sections, city Open Space crews will begin constructing a matching sidepath in the late fall and as time commitments will allow.

The last section of trail from Wadsworth Parkway to the east side of Standley Lake will be scheduled for later this fall. It will be routed down the Open Space, rather than following the existing gravel trail on the north side of the creek. The existing trail will remain for local users.

The traffic signal at Big Dry Creek Park and 128th Avenue has been delayed because of material availability, but is expected to begin construction around mid-August with a completion of late September.

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Contact Information:
John Vann

City Park Channel Lower Reach Stormwater Project - 120th Avenue Trail Closure

The trail connecting Federal Boulevard to Lowell Boulevard on the south side of 120th Avenue will be closed for construction for floodway improvements. In the future, this large-scale drainage project will protect 120th Avenue during major flood events.

Because of the trail's close proximity to the work, the trail must be closed to protect our residents. Unfortunately, there is not a readily accessible detour available. Trail users can either head north and get to Lowell Boulevard through the Metzger Farm, or head south, cross the Big Dry Creek at the Bradburn development and head north along Newton Drive. To further complicate matters, the Big Dry Creek Trail will be under construction in this area during the month of April. All efforts will be made to keep at least one of the detours, and parts of the Big Dry Creek Trail open.

The drainage project completion date is mid-August of 2018. If construction proceeds quickly, the City will make all efforts to get the trail re-opened for use.

Detour Map

Contact Information:
John Vann