Swim Lessons

To view the available swim lessons, click the link below to navigate to our programs registration page:


Swim Lessons will be available beginning in January 2023 at the Swim and Fitness Center (SFC) and City Park Recreation Center (CP). 

Swim lessons include four weeks of two classes/week, or 8 classes total. Each lesson provides an exit skills assessment.  

Lesson times and locations vary. See the program registration page for more information. Registration will be available on January 1, 2023, for winter/spring sessions. Winter/Spring session dates are as follows:

  • Session 1: Week of January 16-February 9
  • Session 2: Week of February 20-March 16
  • Session 3: Week of April 3-April 27

The City of Westminster offers American Red Cross swimming lessons for children ages 3-12. Where you begin depends on age and experience in the water. For a guide to correctly place your child, see below for detailed descriptions of skills covered and requirements for each class. Swim Lessons are available at the Swim and Fitness Center (SFC) and City Park Recreation Center (CP).

Beginning Preschool | Ages 3–5 years

This class requires little to no water experience. Emphasizes safety and focuses on assisted floats, rolls, and gradual submersion. Fun water activities build trust and confidence.

Advanced Preschool | Ages 3–5 years

For students comfortable in the water. Focuses on unassisted floats, rolls, submersion while breathing out nose, and safe entry and exit of the water. Basic motor skills introduced.

Level 1 | Ages 6-12

This class requires little to no water experience and introduces children 12 and under to the water. Class emphasizes safety and focuses on unassisted floats, rolls, and submersion while breathing out nose, as well as safe entry and exit of the water.

Level 2 | Ages 6-12

This class builds on basic motor skills and introduces combined motor skills. Students will learn combined leg and arm movement, treading water, surface water exploration, underwater exploration, and water safety skills.

Level 3 | Ages 6-12

This class focuses on water independence and introduces basic swim strokes. Students will learn correct body position for strokes, intro to freestyle, backstroke, front and back glides, and rhythmic breathing. Completion of Level 3 requires students to do a 25-yard continuous swim without stopping or touching the bottom. 

Level 4 | Ages 6-12

This class introduces students to intermediate swim strokes and requires participants to successfully complete a 25-yard continuous swim without stopping or touching the bottom of the pool. Class content will focus on introducing breaststroke kick and dolphin kick, as well as improving upon freestyle and backstroke technique.

Level 5 | Ages 6-12

This class focuses on refining advanced strokes. Breaststroke and butterfly strokes are introduced. Class content also includes deep water diving skills, block starts, continuous swimming, and treading water with different kicks.

Level 6 | Ages 6-12

Students in this class will focus on continuous swimming and refining competitive swimming skills. Class content will also include flip turns (front and back), block starts (front and back), and water safety rescues. Upon completion, students must complete a 25-yard swim of each stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and swim 125 yards of a stroke of their choosing without stopping.

Flippers Swim Team

Register for Flippers Swim Team 

A Colorado Association of Recreational Athletics (CARA) competitive program for swimmers. All members are required to successfully demonstrate the ability to complete a competitive freestyle stroke for 25 yards on the first day of practice. Age: 6-18

Lessons take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at Swim & Fitness Center.