We make so many sacrifices when it comes to our health. At the city's fitness facilities, we value mental and physical health, and we want you to have it all. In our Mind/Body classes, such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Barre and Meditation, you will exercise your body and mind. Join our experienced instructors as they lead you through a holistic workout that will improve your flexibility, balance, build strength and leave you with more energy and focus than when you arrived. 


City Park Fitness Center - Summer 2019  (CPFC)

The MAC - Summer 2019 (MAC)

West View Recreation Center - Summer 2019 (WV)



Stand tall! Strengthen and lengthen muscles in this fun, energetic workout that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates, yoga, and dance. Focusing on body alignment, you’ll tone muscles you didn’t even know you had while developing core strength and flexibility with added cardio for a fantastic full body sculpting experience! Space is limited. 

Ashtanga Yoga              

A powerful, healing practice with a specific sequence of poses linking breath and movement. Ashtanga is an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice.  

Energy  (Korean) Yoga®                             

Find your primal, vital energy as you boost your brain-body connection in this practice that incorporates elements of Tai Chi, yoga and meditation.  You’ll enjoy improved posture and balance, increased flexibility and mobility while enhancing overall joy. 

Family Yoga                                  

Enjoy family time in this playful class, learning traditional yoga poses and simple breathing techniques to find balance while developing the mind-body connection. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Age: 3 - 101

Gentle Flow Yoga                                                                                                  

Treat yourself to an hour of yoga flowing at a slower pace. Explore slow-flowing movements as you improve body awareness, balance, and breathing techniques. Relax in a calm, safe, environment. Great for anyone, beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. 

Hatha Yoga                                       

Discover your strongest you! This class blends different yoga styles incorporating strength, grace, body alignment and breath work to create a challenging yet safe practice for all. 

Iyengar Yoga®                                 

Give yourself the gift of yoga. Develop your flexibility, balance, strength and proper body alignment for optimal vitality and a sense of positive well-being. Discover how your breath complements each pose. Use of props facilitates learning.  


Take a swing at this! Kettlebells have been around for centuries but have recently gained popularity for the powerful workouts they provide. Build strength, stamina and power as you learn how to utilize these unique weights in effective body shaping exercises. Kettlebells are provided. Space is limited. 

Mindful Flow Yoga                        

Discover your strongest you! This class blends different yoga styles incorporating strength, grace, body alignment and breath work to create a challenging yet safe practice for all. 

Mountain Strength Yoga             

Energize your body, push your muscles, and focus on your mind in this fun and vigorous class. Light weights may be used. Class may vary by incorporating full body stretch sessions on occasion. Space is limited. 

Pilates Chair                                     

Perfect your posture and restore your core. Work on back flexibility while increasing strength and mobility as you learn how to safely utilize this unique apparatus, the Pilates Chair. 

Pilates Basic Mat                             

Focus on your postural muscles keeping the body balanced while stretching and toning your entire body. Safely modify Pilates Mat exercises to restore back, core and mobility for a stronger, more toned you! 

Pilates Mat                                         

Feel long and lean as you develop core strength and body awareness. Mat Pilates is designed to stretch, strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles, improving core strength, posture, flexibility and balance. This non-impact class will surely make a difference in your workout regimen! 

Power Yoga                                     

Take your yoga practice to the next level in this stimulating class. Incorporate strength, balance and flexibility while improving body awareness. Leave feeling challenged and empowered! 

Qi Gong                                            

Rejuvenate the body and revitalize key organs through a therapeutic blend of focused movement, deep breathing, and creative visualization to circulate Qi (life force energy). Flush out toxins, strengthen every organ and cell, soothe the nervous system, eliminate anxiety and restore mental clarity by harmonizing the right and left brain. 

Sunday Yoga                                    

Prepare for the week ahead as you end your weekend by balancing your mind and body through performance of traditional yoga poses. 

Vinyasa Yoga                                

Feel strong and rejuvenated while enhancing your mind-body connection. Flow through a series of yoga poses linked with an even breath. This class is great for beginners as we explore alignment. The seasoned practitioner will also be challenged as more advanced poses are offered as progressive options. 

Yoga for Everyone                      

Improve your balance and center your mind as you incorporate yoga into your life! This class introduces linking breath to your movement for a full body strengthening and stretching class. Poses are done standing, seated, or lying on the floor. 


Benefit from the long, lean, toned muscles of Pilates as well as the balance, strength, and flexibility of yoga. Class begins with a short centering and ends in relaxation. May incorporate props on occasion.