The Westminster Fire Department offers a variety of safety-based services that help our citizens and businesses stay educated and up-to-date on best safety practices.

Home Safety Checks

Westminster Fire offers free home safety checks for older adults or those with special needs on a quarterly basis. Firefighters and trained volunteers visit residents to check their home for a variety of hazards. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, night lights, extension cords, and more are all reviewed to reduce the chance for a home-related injury or fire hazard. To inquire about the program or schedule an appointment, please contact Sherrie Guerrero at 303-658-4536 or through email at

Residential Knox Box Loaner Program

The Residential Knox Box Program is another great service that the Westminster Fire Department provides to citizens that help first responders gain entry into the citizen's dwellings. This program was created for citizens that may need medical or fire response but are unable to answer the door due to medical reasons, physical disabilities, impairments, or other causes where they may be unable to answer the door in case of emergency. By providing a Knox Box on the exterior of the dwelling, first responders can gain access to the citizen in need without having to cause damage to doors or other barriers that might keep responders from getting to the citizen in need. The Knox Box is only accessible by Westminster Fire Department personnel and is securely mounted to the door or exterior of the citizen's home. The citizen will pay a one-time $50 lease charge for the use of this box until it is no longer needed. The $50 fee is applied as a tax-deductible donation to the Westminster Fire BURN Fund that assists families that have been displaced by fire loss. 

To inquire further about this program or sign up for this program, please contact Fire Administration at 303-658-4500.

Commercial Knox Box Program

Commercial Knox Boxes are required on all new buildings protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system and other special hazard fire protection system. Other buildings or occupancies as deemed necessary may also be required to install a Knox Box based on the occupancy type or other factors. Knox Boxes allow the fire department to gain access to these commercial buildings in Westminster in cases of emergencies as well as checked on a routine basis for fire protection inspections. To begin the process of purchasing a Knox Box for your commercial business, you will need to contact the Knox Company for more information and to acquire a Knox Box for your business. 

Commercial Business Inspections

The fire department conducts fire safety inspections of all businesses in the city, generally on an annual basis. Inspection scheduling is based upon a risk evaluation of each building. These inspections are conducted to ensure the safety of the employees and customers of the businesses, and to help protect the businesses from fire by maintaining code compliance.

The fire department has also partnered with Brycer, a compliance engine that provides a secure cloud environment in which third-party contractors that inspect, test, and maintain fire protection systems, backflows, and elevators are able to submit their reports directly into their portal. Once these reports are submitted, they are directed to our department for our records. This facilitates a more efficient review, tracking, and follow-up process with occupants to correct deficiencies and maintain systems. 


For more information or assistance, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 303-658-4500.