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911 Information

The Westminster Communications division is responsible for answering all 911 emergency phone calls, non-emergency phone calls and dispatching for the Westminster Police & Fire units. They also dispatch for Animal Management and often communicate with the Standley Lake Rangers and various City departments.

Dispatchers are trained to process and prioritize multiple phone calls at once while also working a police or fire radio channel. They utilize multiple computer systems to create calls for service, log responder locations, check for wants/warrants, etc. All of the dispatchers are trained in emergency medical dispatch (EMD) so they can provide life-saving information to callers while an ambulance is on the way. They are trained to walk callers though CPR, child birth, and other non-life threatening medical emergencies.

Calling 911:

911 should be reserved for life or death emergencies – the situation urgently requires police, fire, or medical assistance. 911 is also for any crime that is in progress.
Our non-emergency phone number (303 658 4360) can be utilized for non-emergency crime that is not life threatening, not in progress, or no suspect is present. It can also be utilized to file a crime report or for general police, fire, or animal management questions.
The first question the dispatcher will ask is for your exact location. This is the first and most important question so they will know where to send help. Landline phones provide us the address but cell phones do not. Cell phones may provide varying location information to the dispatchers so it is important to tell the dispatcher exactly where to send help.

Once the location of the emergency is determined, the dispatcher may need to transfer your call to another agency so the proper law enforcement or fire agency can respond to your location.

Because the dispatchers are handling multiple phone lines at once, they may need to place you on hold while they process a phone call of a higher priority. If this occurs, please be patient and do not hang up. 

911 mis-dials and hang up calls:

If you notice that you accidentally dialed 911, remain on the line and explain to the dispatcher that you dialed 911 in error.  
If the dispatcher received a 911 “pocket dial” or a hang up call, they will make at least two attempts to call you back in an effort to make sure you are OK and that you do not need assistance.

Text to 911:

Westminster Communications is set up to receive Texts to 911.  If you are in a situation where it is unsafe for you or you are unable to make a voice call to 911, simply send a text 911. You will still need to be able to provide your location and the details of the emergency. If Text to 911 is not available in your area you will received a bounce-back message indicating that you must make a voice call to 911. Calling 911 is preferred as it a quicker and more efficient way to gather information about the emergency. CALL IF YOU CAN, TEXT IF YOU MUST.

Dispatching Calls:

Police calls are dispatched to officers based on priority. Calls dealing with immediately life-safety, threats to persons or property, and otherwise “in progress” are handled before other calls. Dispatchers and officers work together to handle calls in the most efficient manner possible. If it will be an extended amount of time before an officer can respond to your call, the dispatcher will try to let you know that.
Fire and medical calls are immediately dispatched to the closest apparatus to your location.

Being a police and fire dispatcher for the city of Westminster is an intense job. They are the ones who answer when you call 911 or the non-emergency phone number and dispatch firefighters, EMS and police officers to an emergency. Learn more about how this team works together to get Westminster residents the assistance they need.
The video below was produced by Aishah Santillian with the city's high school internship program and Colorado Media School.

CODE RED emergency notification system:

For more information visit www.your911.net

In the event of an emergency, residents of Westminster in Adams or Jefferson County, utilizing a landline home or business phone could be called by Westminster Police/Fire using an emergency notification system called CodeRED. The system works in a similar manner to what is commonly referred to as "Reverse 911."

Landline phones are automatically included in the 911 database for these notifications and cannot be removed.

Internet phone users, cell phone users and VoIP (voice over IP) customers can register their phone numbers to receive emergency notifications from the Westminster Police and Fire Departments. This system helps 911 notify you when there is a public safety concern in a certain area of the city.

The service, which is managed by agencies participating in the Jefferson County E911 Authority, is available to all city of Westminster residents, whether they live in Adams or Jefferson County. If you are served by the Westminster Police and Fire departments, you can register your cell phone or internet phone number.

To register your cell phone or internet phone number visit www.your911.net If you do not have internet access or need assistance, please contact the Westminster Communications Center at 303-658-4360.

SMART 911:

Today more than 70% of 911 calls come from mobile devices. 

Smart 911 allows for individuals to go online and create a Safety Profile for any cell, landline, or VOIP phone in their household.

Citizens control their own profiles, which are only available to 911 operators. The information can only be accessed when you call 911.

Citizens can put as much or as little info into their profile as they want:

  • Vital personal information, household and medical information.
  • Photos, descriptions, vehicles, pets.
  • Emergency contacts, disabilities, medications.

Participation is completely voluntary. The system is secure and free of charge. 

Available to agencies in Jefferson County including the Adams County portions of Arvada and Westminster.

All of your information is housed on Rave Mobile Safety data bases, it is not part of any 911 data base and totally unrelated to the emergency notification system, and you can still use 911 if you choose not to participate.

When the situation is chaotic, you are under stress, the information is already there, but anything you give verbally to the dispatcher will supersede the profile.

Smart 911 will send you an e-mail every 6 months to update your information, if you don't they will call you, if you still don't update/verify information, the profile will not be made available if you call 911. You can log onto your profile at anytime to change any of your information.

Please visit Smart911.com for more information