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Sustainability Plan

The Plan 

Development of the community-driven plan started in 2018. The plan will contain goals, objectives with measurable targets, strategies, specific actions and metrics to track progress. Topic areas in the plan could include economic vitality, community health, community resilience, energy/climate, water (quality and quantity), waste and materials, and other relevant issues.

The Process

A community and city staff focused process led by a consultant will develop the plan. A working group will develop the draft plan content and periodic community engagement efforts will be held to get feedback on the draft plan. The process began in late summer 2018 and will be completed by late 2019.

The Sustainability Plan will involve four major phases:

1. State of Sustainability – a discovery phase focused on identifying current initiatives, establishing baseline conditions, and identifying new opportunities to advance sustainability in Westminster.
2. Sustainability Plan Framework – a phase that involves developing the structure of the plan and building the foundational objectives and targets.
3. Strategies and Priorities – an evaluation phase that explores benefits and trade-offs of potential strategies and develops priority implementation details.
4. Plan Review and Adoption – a coordination phase that pulls together the work from all previous phases for review and consideration for adoption.

The Results

After the plan is developed, progress on the plan will be provided to the community. The progress will be described through the use of dashboards and stories.  


State of Sustainability Report - January 2019