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Sustainability Plan

The Plan

Development of the community-driven Sustainability Plan started in 2018. The Plan creates a flexible road map for the city to be a "thriving community of safe neighborhoods and beautiful open space that is sustainable and inclusive."

The Plan contains goals, measurable targets, strategies, specific actions and metrics to track progress. Topic areas in the plan include energy, economic resilience, housing and neighborhoods, health and wellness, natural resources and environment, transportation and mobility, and waste and materials. Cross cutting issues that influence all topics include safety, resilience, climate, education and equity.

Read the plan

The sustainability plan is accessible as a two page summary (in English and Spanish), a four page target and strategies pullout (in English and Spanish) and the entire document. The draft plan was available for public review and comment from mid-November 2020 through Feb. 11, 2021. Comments were reviewed and appropriate modifications to the plan were made based upon comments. 

Executive Summary 


Targets and Strategies












Full Document












plan en español:


objetivos y estrategias                                                     


The Process

The process began in late summer 2018 and will be completed by winter 2021. A community and city staff working group led by a consultant developed the Plan. The Plan was informed by extensive public engagement obtained through the Westminster Forward community planning process and included open houses, city events, surveys, newsletters and other feedback tools. The draft Plan builds off the State of Sustainability Report - January 2019

Progress Reports

Yearly progress reports will be developed to track the results of the Plan. The progress will be described through the use of metrics, dashboards and stories.  

Contact Us

If you have questions about the draft Sustainability Plan please email us at sustainability@cityofwestminster.us