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Critical Infrastructure Repairs

Picture of Sewer Repair Activity for Webpage

Department of Public Works and Utilities crews will be proactively repairing sections of sewer pipe at the locations below to prevent more costly emergency repairs in the future and make sure you can keep flushing your toilet without it backing up. 


Thank you for your patience while we invest in our community. 


2021 Locations

  • West 120th Avenue between Huron Street and I-25
  • West 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard (southeast corner of the intersection)
  • West 73rd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard  - Completed
  • West 100th Avenue and Countryside Drive
  • West 72nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard - Completed
  • West 75th Avenue and Lowell Boulevard
  • West 112th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard
  • West 101st Avenue and Lowell Boulevard
  • West 102nd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard
  • West 70th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard - Completed


What to expect if this work takes place on your street

  • The city will notify you door-to-door prior to work starting.
  • Once notified, please make sure to pour water down drains not frequently used to prevent sewer smells.
  • No parking signs may be posted in the project area.
  • You will see and hear construction activity during normal working hours, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Work outside these hours may be required if emergency repairs are needed. 
  • Work may require street closures, but local traffic will always be permitted if you live on the street.
  • Materials, such as pipes and gravel, may be stored in the public right-of-way near the construction site. 
  • Repairs may take one to five business days to complete. 
  • No impacts to your water or sewer service are anticipated. 
  • If digging was required, a temporary street patch may be installed before final paving takes place at a later date.  


Contact Nathan Paulick, Wastewater Foreperson