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Street Improvement Projects

The Street Division utilizes both in-house crews and contractors to complete road improvement projects on the city’s 1,135 lane miles.

Wolf Ct and Xavier St Work

The city will be repaving Wolf Ct and the north portion of Xavier St between 78th Ave and 80th Ave as part of a contractor’s warranty work.   Work begins Friday, April 23 and will take about three weeks to complete depending on weather. Local residents will be permitted access at all times during this work, but "No Parking" signs may be posted. Please keep “No Parking” areas clear to avoid delaying the contractor and extending the duration of the work.   This paving repair work will correct some settlement that occurred within the project warranty period of a city  utility pipeline project. Thank you for your patience.   

Crack seal

Crack Seal seals the cracks in roads to protect from water intrusion and other damaging factors.  This is one of the city’s most cost effective preventative maintenance strategies in reducing asphalt deterioration and prolonging pavement life. 

2021 Project - list and map 

Work will begin as early as January if weather allows.  Residents on the effected streets will see "No Parking" signs placed 48 hours prior to work starting.

Hot applied chip seal

Westminster uses contractors to place a surface treatment that combines a Chip Seal and a thin layer of open graded friction course (rock) providing a double surface.  This process provides a durable surface and waterproof membrane that will improve the existing asphalt.

2021 Project 

  1.  Zuni Street, northbound only, from 128th Avenue to 136th Avenue.
  2.  136th Avenue, eastbound only, from Zuni Street to Huron Street.
  3.  100th Avenue from Simms Street to Alkire Street.

Slurry seal

Slurry seal is a thin restorative surface treatment that does not require milling and extends the useful life of asphalt by keeping air and water out and stopping oxidation.  The city's contractor will be doing both the concrete replacement and the slurry seal for this project.

2021 Project - The Ranch Subdivision

Asphalt paving

A contractor will place a new asphalt surface.  This pavement may be placed either over an existing roadway or on roadways that have received milling operations. Milling is the process of grinding up and removing the existing asphalt surface. Milling may be only at the edges of the roadway or may be the full width of the roadway.