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Standley Lake is a multi-use recreation and water-storage facility, and is the drinking water supply for Westminster, Northglenn, and Thornton. With 1,063-acres of surface area, Standley Lake is Westminster’s largest body of water. It is also the Denver metropolitan area’s third largest reservoir. In addition to hiking, bicycling, camping, wildlife viewing and other park-based recreational activities, the lake offers visitors numerous opportunities for fishing and paddling. Standley Lake is a "paddle only" reservoir and does not allow the use of motors or trailered boats. There is a wealth of history surrounding Standley Lake that dates back over one hundred years. 

Standley Lake Regional Park is owned and operated by the city. While the public has access to the parkland and recreational use of the lake, the water rights are jointly owned by the cities of Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn and the Farmers Reservoir and Irrigation Company (FRICO).  The dam, which is one mile long, is private FRICO property and is off-limits to the public.  

Standley Lake is located at 100th Avenue and Simms Street .  Along the south side of West 100th Avenue at Owens Street is a small parking area that provides free walk-in and bicycle access to the park. Another small parking lot that requires no entry fee is located south of the lake at West 86th Parkway and Simms Street. The free parking lots close at sunset (official MST) daily. 

Daily Parks Pass ($7) - Allows entry of one vehicle into the park until sunset. Does not include use of paddle craft or camping. 

Senior/Person with Disabilities/Military Daily Parks Pass ($5) - Includes park entry for one vehicle (including all occupants of the vehicle) for any person with disabilities, military or seniors (aged 60 or older). Does not include paddle craft use or camping.  

Daily Paddle Pass ($10) - Available May 1 - Sept. 30 - Includes use of one paddle board, canoe, kayak, or multi-chambered inflatable raft. Vehicle entry fee is waived with the purchase of a daily paddle pass. All paddle craft utilized on Standley Lake must enter at the main entrance to the park and will be sprayed in accordance with ANS (aquatic nuisance species) protocols. If paddle craft is brought in on a trailer, the trailer cannot come into contact with the water. All paddle craft must be able to be hand carried to and from the water. 

Annual Day Use Permit ($65) - Allows 7-days-a-week access into park year round. Permit does not include use of paddle craft or camping. Permit is valid only for the calendar year sold. Pass expires Dec. 31. 

Senior/Person with Disabilities/Military Annual Permit ($35) - Allows seven-day-a-week access into park year round for persons 60 and older, military personnel and/or any person with disabilities. Permit is valid only for the calendar year sold. Pass expires Dec. 31. Does not include camping or use of paddle craft. 

Annual Paddle Craft Use Permit ($200) - Includes annual vehicle entry (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) into the park and unlimited lake access for one paddle craft May 1 - Sept. 30. Permit does not include storage or camping.

Senior/Person with Disabilities/Military Paddle Craft Annual Permit ($165) -  Includes annual vehicle entry (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) into the park and unlimited lake access for one paddle craft May 1 - Sept. 30 for persons with disabilities, military or seniors aged 60 or older. Does not include storage or camping.

Standley Lake Regional Park has a variety of venues and activities for you to host your next event. For pricing and information on hosting private gatherings or celebrations such as weddings, family reunions, company picnics, corporate retreats, graduation parties or other celebrations, please complete a special use permit application. If you would like to speak with a ranger about your event, please call 303-658-2790. Special Use Permit applications and payment must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. 

In order to provide a fair and pleasant experience to all who visit Standley Lake, all guests are required to follow and abide by the park rules and regulations.

Please call 303-425-1097 if you have any questions or email

Park Rules and Regulations     FAQs

Summer Hours (May 1 to Sept. 30):  Sunrise to sunset for walk-in access or 7 a.m. to  8:00 p.m. for drive-in access.

Nature Center Hours (May 1 to Sept. 30):  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursday - Monday, closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Winter Hours (Oct 1 to April 30): Drive-in access: Incoming gate opens: 7:30 a.m. and closes one hour before sunset (official MST).

Free parking lots open at 7:30 a.m. and are closed and locked at sunset (official MST sunset times observed).