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How to Protect your Pipes this Winter

Cold temperatures can freeze the water in your pipes, causing them to burst and leak.  

When the temperature drops below 32*F, water in your pipes will expand as it freezes.  This adds pressure against the metal and plastic pipes containing your water, causing them to rupture, break, and leak. The pipes that are most...
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Connecting Community and Nature

Welcome to Westminster Station Park Nature Playground

It was during his 6th grade year at Colorado STEM Academy in 2017, that the City of Westminster approached Ronan’s class to help bring to life an innovative and creative plan. The goal was to create...
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Living the Volunteer Spirit

Sara and Carl Trautman make time to keep their community clean

The sun was out, but it was still a chilly Saturday morning when Sara and Carl Trautman walked the grounds of Wayne Carl Middle School near Standley Lake with their dog, Luna, in tow. They carried large orange trash bags as they picked litter from the...
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A Helping Hand for Home Repairs

Westminster's EEHR program covers costs for residents

Like many Westminster residents, Laurie Brandt felt the financial impacts of the pandemic directly. She was already working reduced hours as a server at Kokopelli Beer Company when she discovered a completely flooded laundry room in her home.