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The City's Budget Philosophy

The city's budget reflects careful preparation according to City Council goals, the long-term strategic plan and citywide objectives.

The two-year budget process* emphasizes long-range planning, budgeting for results, effective program management and fiscal responsibility. It is the city's policy to ensure that adequate resources are allocated to preserve existing assets and programs before targeting resources toward additional assets and programs, especially those that have ongoing maintenance obligations.

*Please note that delays/changes in the Budget Development process are occurring due to COVID-19, including that the city will adopt a one-year budget for 2021, rather than the normal two-year budgeting process. More information can be found here.

The City of Westminster's budget enables the city to meet its goals of providing excellent customer service, fostering efficient and cost-effective government, maintaining the city's healthy and stable financial position, and delivering high-quality services to meet residents' needs.

Budget Information

Mid-Year 2020 Budget

Adopted 2019/2020 Budget 

Adopted 2017-2018 Budget

Budget Calendar

About Two-Year Budgeting 

Capital Project Status

For questions about the budget, contact the City Manager's Office, 303-658-2006.