Every two years, the city conducts a citizen survey to measure residents’ satisfaction levels with city services and gather opinions on specific policy questions. The survey is sent to 3,000 randomly selected Westminster residents and responses are completely confidential.

The city contracts with an independent, external firm to create the survey and to promote scientific validity. The questions are designed to collect trend data on how Westminster residents rate the quality of city services and the community as a whole and their awareness of the city’s communication mediums, and to ask for their opinions on certain policies or proposed policy changes.

The survey results, in conjunction with the city’s performance measurement outcomes, are used by City Council and city staff to analyze the effectiveness, responsiveness and value of city services. 

Westminster Community Survey Report of Results
Westminster Community Survey: Presentation to City Council
Resident Survey: Supplemental Online Survey Report

Westminster Citizen Survey Results (mailed survey)
Westminster Citizen Survey Results (online survey);
Westminster Citizen Survey Council Presentation

Westminster Citizen Survey Results  
Westminster Citizen Survey Council Presentation

Westminster Citizen Survey Results

Contact the City Manager's Office at westycmo@cityofwestminster.us for additional information regarding the Westminster Citizen Survey

2020 Community Survey