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Drought Status and Plan

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Drought is a natural occurrence that significantly reduces water supplies for cities, farms and rivers. The City of Westminster is updating its existing Drought Management Plan to ensure water supplies are available for our customers’ most critical needs.

What is the purpose of a Drought Management Plan? 

To ensure water supplies are available for our customer’s most critical needs, water providers must anticipate and plan for drought. Westminster City Council will consider the final plan document in spring 2019. 

Thank you for your feedback.

The city is currently updating the Drought Management Plan. The city solicited feedback on the plan from Jan. 17 - 31. Thank you for everyone who participated. For those who requested a response to their feedback, city staff will respond shortly. The survey was insightful and the results will help guide plan priorities. The plan will go to City Council for approval in March and the plan summary will be posted here once approved.

What is our drought history? 

Drought is a common natural occurrence in western states like Colorado, which significantly reduces water supplies for cities, farms and rivers. Colorado is arid, receiving less than a fourth of the precipitation compared to a tropical, coastal city like Miami. By using our water more wisely and carefully all the time, but especially during drought, we can help make our water supply last through severe droughts. 

Stay up to date with statewide drought conditions with the Drought Monitor. Keep in mind these are current climactic conditions, and do not necessarily equate to utility-specific drought declarations. However, it’s a useful tool for viewing the current drought situation regionally. 

The most recent severe drought in which Westminster and much of the Denver-Metro area enacted drought restrictions was in 2002.  
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