What is the NEG Program?

The City of Westminster offers funding of up to $5,000 for groups of residents or business owners to improve the appearance and quality of life in neighborhoods and other communal areas within the city. The Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program aims to change and diversify the landscape of shared areas to promote the protection of natural resources and improve community gathering. Benefits of the program include improved sustainability, particularly in water consumption, as well as improved visual appearance and aesthetics.

How does the program work?

To qualify for a grant, applicants must submit an application that includes a plan to support sustainability and connectivity (all qualifications are listed in the application below). If preliminary approval is granted by the City of Westminster's Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department, applicants can submit an Official Development Plan (ODP) to the City's Planning Department for final approval. Once final approval is granted, applicants must purchase and install the landscape themselves, or pay to contract the work. After the project is complete, applicants can apply for reimbursement from the City for up to $5,000.

How to Apply:

Application instructions as well as qualifications can be viewed and downloaded here. Applications for 2022 can be submitted starting Tuesday, March 1. Applications will be reviewed throughout the year and funding will be disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis until funding runs out. Potential applicants should download and complete the 2022 Application Form and submit it via email to Senior Landscape Architect John Vann at jvann@cityofwestminster.us. Questions? Call (303) 658-2214

You can also view and download an ODP Amendment Form Sample as well as project samples including "before and after" photos.

Project Samples

Create a community flower garden out of an old shrub bed

  • Convert to drip irrigation; install smart controller
  • Use rock and boulders for accents
  • Use native perennials and shrubs

Create a community patio in a nearby park or controlled public open space

  • Remove turf
  • Install patio stones
  • Install benches

Turf reduction - enhance parkways by creating mesic planting areas; convert areas to turf with less watering needs

  • Identify parkways and other areas to remove turf in the neighborhood
  • Create plant and material lists
  • Convert irrigation to drip; install smart controllers

Business pop-up/pocket parks:




Neighborhood island conversion for reduced water consumption (before and after):



Neighborhood food garden: