Community Enhancement GrantThe Neighborhood Enhancements Grant Program makes funding available for projects that improve the appearance and quality of life in individual neighborhoods and areas within the City of Westminster. The city encourages citizen participation in projects of this nature by providing funds to qualified applicants.

Applications must support sustainability and connectivity in their proposals. Potential applicants should download the 2021 Application Form and the ODP Amendment Form Sample for all information regarding the grant.

Applications for 2021 are now closed. For further information for future grants opportunities please email John Vann.

Download ODP Amendment Form Sample

View project samples, including "before and after" photos.

Project Samples

Create a community flower garden out of an old shrub bed

  • Convert to drip irrigation; install smart controller
  • Use rock and boulders for accents
  • Use native perennials and shrubs

Create a community patio in a nearby park or controlled public open space

  • Remove turf
  • Install patio stones
  • Install benches

Turf reduction - enhance parkways by creating mesic planting areas; convert areas to turf with less watering needs

  • Identify parkways and other areas to remove turf in the neighborhood
  • Create plant and material lists
  • Convert irrigation to drip; install smart controllers

Business pop-up/pocket parks:




Neighborhood island conversion for reduced water consumption (before and after):



Neighborhood food garden:














Contact John Vann, Senior Landscape Architect, at jvann@cityofwestminster.usor 303-658-2214.