PLEASE NOTE: Planning Commission will resume holding Planning Commission meetings in person starting September 14, 2021. In light of the COVID-19 public health situation and to promote social distancing, Planning Commission meetings will continue to be offered virtually as well. Community members are encouraged to listen to the meeting via the traditional webcast ( 


About The Planning Commission

The Planning Commission conducts public hearings and provides a recommendation to City Council on the following: review of the city's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, proposed development plans, review of proposed annexations, zoning and rezoning requests, and zoning regulations related to development controls. The commission has final approval authority on Official Development Plans and recommends action to City Council regarding annexations, rezonings, Comprehensive Land Use Plan amendments, preliminary development plans and zoning regulation amendments.

A primary goal of the Planning Commission is to balance the interests of the development community with the interests of the residents and neighborhoods to create a city the citizens can be proud of into the future.

Planning Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month on an as-needed basis at 7 p.m. Meetings last between one and two hours each.

Due to COVID-19, Planning Commission meetings are now in-person as well as virtual, please click here for the guidelines and instructions on how to give electronic testimony.

Agendas and Recordings

Planning Commission Meeting Packet October 26, 2021

                  Audio Recording - September 28, 2021  

Planning Commission Public Comment Emails for September 28, 2021

Planning Commission Meeting Packet September 28, 2021

               Audio Recording - September 14, 2021  

Planning Commission Public Comment Email for September 14, 2021

Planning Commission Meeting Packet September 14, 2021

               Audio Recording - July 27, 2021 

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet July 27, 2021

                Audio Recording - July 13, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Study Session Meeting Packet  July 13, 2021

             Audio Recording - June 22, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet  UPDATED June 22, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet June 22, 2021

           Audio Recording - June 8, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet  UPDATED June 8, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet June 8, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet May 25, 2021

           Audio Recording - May 25, 2021

Planning Commission Packet May 11, 2021, UPDATED Information Only Meeting

          Audio Recording - May 11, 2021

Planning Commission Packet April 27, 2021, Information Only Meeting

           Audio Recording - April 27, 2021

Planning Commission Packet March 9, 2021, Information Only Meeting

Audio Recording - March 9, 2021

Planning Commission Packet UPDATED January 12, 2021 (Packet was updated to include public comment after original packet was posted on January 7, 2021).

Audio Recording January 12, 2021

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Information Only Packet December 8, 2020

Audio Recording December 8, 2020

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet November 10, 2020

Planning Commission Packet UPDATED October 27, 2020
(Packet was updated to include public comment after original packet was published on October 22, 2020.)

Audio Recording October 27, 2020

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Agenda for October 13, 2020

Audio Recording October 13, 2020

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Agenda for September 22, 2020

Audio Recording September 22, 2020

Planning Commission Information Only Meeting August 25, 2020

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet July 14, 2020

Planning Commission Virtual Meeting Packet June 23, 2020 

              Audio Recording June 23, 2020

Planning Commission INFORMATION ONLY May 26, 2020 

Planning Commission Packet February 25, 2020

Audio Recording February 25, 2020

Planning Commission Special Meeting Agenda January 28, 2020

Planning Commission Study Session Packet January 28, 2020

Audio Recording January 28, 2020

Planning Commission Packet January 14, 2020

Audio Recording January 14, 2020 

Planning Commission Packet December 17, 2019-Meeting Canceled

Planning Commission Packet November 12, 2019 

Audio Recording November 12, 2019

Audio Recording October 22, 2019

Audio Recording September 24, 2019


Council Liaison: Jon Voelz

Staff Liaison: Rita McConnell, AICP, Planning Manager

For all Planning inquires including zoning requests please email

NOTE: Persons needing an accommodation, such as an interpreter for another language, or who have an impairment that requires accommodation, must notify the Planning Aide no later than noon on the Thursday prior to the scheduled Planning Commission hearing to allow adequate time to make arrangements. Please call 303-658-2092/TTY711 or State Relay or email to make a reasonable accommodation request.


Current Board Members with Current City Planners:  Back row (left to right): Vice-Chair Joe McConnell; Josh Vaughn, Associate Planner; John McConnell, AICP, Principal Planner; Andrew Spurgin, AICP, Long Range Planner; David German, AICP, Senior Planner; Chairperson James Boschert; Commissioner David Carpenter; Jacob Kasza, Senior Planner; Commissioner Rick Mayo.  Front row: Patrick Caldwell, AICP, Senior Planner; Amy C. Johnson, AICP, Senior Planner; Nathan Lawrence, Senior Planner; Jennifer Baden, Planning Aide; Katie Schwarz, AICP, Associate Planner; Commissioner Elisa Torrez (Alternate); Commissioner Tracy Colling; Rita McConnell, AICP, Planning Manager; and Chennou Xiong, Commissioner (Alternate).  Not pictured: Commissioner Lawrence Dunn, Commissioner David Tomecek, Stephanie Ashmann, Senior Planner, and Sean McCartney, City Urban Designer.




*On June 23, 2020 at 7 p.m. the Planning Commission Public Hearing was held virtually. Please see the below details and attachments for that meeting:

Notice was hereby given to all interested persons that a virtual public hearing would be held by the Planning Commission of the City of Westminster on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, at 7 p.m. Lokal Hyland Village LLC, the owner of parcel 5245 West 97th Ave., located at the northwest corner of West 97th Ave. and Sheridan Blvd., has encroached approximately 1 foot into the required 5-foot rear and 8-foot side setbacks on the northeast corner of the lot. The total footprint of the encroachment is 1.58 square feet. To permit this encroachment, approval of an Official Development Plan (ODP) Amendment is being requested. See below for additional information and instructions on how to give testimony electronically for the virtual public hearing.

*Please note: Due to concerns around public input during the COVID-19 crisis, the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, 2020 did not occur. The item scheduled for that meeting, a request to rezone 3630 West 73rd Avenue, 7287 Lowell Boulevard, and 7277 Lowell Boulevard to Planned Unit Development and approve the associated Preliminary Development Plan, will be deferred until a future date to be determined. The city respectfully acknowledges the need for additional time to review and modify the public input processes and procedures during the COVID-19 crisis, and staff will continue to gain input and direction from City Council on this matter. Click here to view or download the original Planning Commission public hearing announcement (NOW DEFERRED)