ReLeaf Westy Tree REBATE Program

The Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department offers a $60 rebate for trees planted by Westminster residential property owners that meet the program requirements. This program is designed to encourage residents to plant trees to improve their own property, as well as to enhance the community. Planting trees near streets help shade and cool the environment.

Program Requirements:

• Trees must be planted within city limits
• Tree must have a minimum purchase price of $80
• Tree must be one of the eligible species listed in the application below (please contact City Forester Bryan McCoy to discuss species not listed on the application)
• Tree must be planted in the front yard of the property
• Completed application form (link below) along with a copy of your receipt showing your tree purchase must be submitted to the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department by Oct. 31
• Rebates are subject to verification of fulfilling requirements 
• Funding is limited, and rebates are on a first-come, first-served basis
• Trees purchased through the ReLeaf Westy Tree Sale and planted in the front yard are eligible for a $25 rebate


Download and complete the application below and return via email to City Forester Bryan McCoy at: For questions, call Bryan at 303-658-2287.

Rebate Application

ReLeaf Westy Tree Sale

Trees are available for purchase through the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department for $75 plus tax. The city buys trees from the Colorado Tree Coalition and sells them to the community at cost. The purpose of this program is to encourage tree planting and tree diversity with trees that are affordable and small enough for a homeowner to handle. Trees will be available for purchase starting Feb. 15, 2023. Trees will be available for pick up in mid-April 2023. A reminder email with information on the date, time and location of tree pickup will be sent in spring 2023.

Program Details: 
• Trees are 6-12 feet tall and 30-50 pounds. 
• Limit three trees per household. 
• Trees must be purchased by Westminster residents and planted within city limits. 
• Limited supply, call for availability. 
• Payment is non-refundable and no warranty is available. 
• Trees can only be reserved when payment is received. 

Orders may be placed online or by phone: (303) 658-2201

2023 Trees Offered: 
• Large shade trees – Northern Catalpa, Hackberry, Chinkapin Oak, Hardy Rubber Tree, Tuliptree, Bur Oak, Discovery Elm

• Small ornamental trees – Hot Wings Maple, Turkish Filbert, Rocky Mountain Glow Maple, American Hornbeam, Persian Spire Ironwood, Gambel Oak (multi-stem), Ivory Silk Tree Lilac

View photos and descriptions of trees

COMING SOON - Purchase Trees Here

Tree Donations

Property owners often find that they have trees on their property that have outgrown their planting site or are simply in the way of new development. Frequently these trees are in excellent shape, and still have the potential for decades of new growth. The City of Westminster Forestry Section will consider these trees for donation to City Parks and other public properties if the property owner would rather not have the trees destroyed. Here are a few items that must be considered when a tree is evaluated for donation:

  • tree must be in good-to-excellent health to be successfully transplanted by hand or with a tree spade;
  • trunk of the tree (measured 12 inches above ground level) cannot exceed 12 inches in diameter;
  • tree must be accessible by appropriate machinery; and
  • underground utilities can prevent tree donations when they are found to be within the dig area.

If you would like to have your potential tree donation evaluated by the city forester, please call 303-658-2287.