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Our water future starts now

Water 2025 is a long-term planning project to replace the city's aging Semper Water Treatment Facility by 2025 and ensure high-quality drinking water for our community now and into the future.

The goal of this effort is to identify the best site for the new facility by early 2019 using a systematic review process that is based on technical and operational requirements, as well as significant community engagement.

UPDATE: Site recommendation has been made

Over the past year, the City of Westminster’s Water 2025 process has explored potential locations for a new drinking water treatment facility to replace the aging Semper Water Treatment Facility.

After a comprehensive review based on technical and operational requirements, significant community engagement received and reviewed by the Water 2025 Steering Committee, in addition to feedback from the Community Working Group, who was comprised of representatives from neighborhood, civic, business and faith-based organizations, during the site identification process, the City Manager has been advised by the committee that Site 2350, located at Westminster Boulevard and 98th Avenue, is the recommendation.

Presentation to City Council June 17, 2019

Staff Report to City Council June 17, 2019

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Two sites identified in early 2019

Through the technical review process of over 50 sites, two potential locations were under consideration. 

Learn how the two potential sites were chosen

See what a drinking water facility looks like.


Why Water 2025?

Our safe and reliable drinking water system is one of Westminster’s greatest assets. We are fortunate to enjoy a high-quality water supply originating in the Rocky Mountains. As Westminster and all of the Front Range continues to grow, we need to responsibly plan for the needs of future generations so our children can enjoy the same quality of life we do today. 

Like any complex system, Westminster’s water distribution system requires continuous maintenance and planned upgrades. As Westminster’s current drinking water system continues to age, it becomes more expensive to maintain and increasingly vulnerable to threats posed by drought and wildfire. 

Why is a new treatment facility needed?

Semper Water Treatment Facility has served the Westminster community faithfully for almost 50 years and has the ability to continue providing high-quality drinking water for 15 to 20 more years. However, as Semper nears the end of its planned lifecycle, the city must begin proactively planning for a new drinking water treatment facility to meet the needs of our current and future generations who rely on this essential public service.

A new drinking water facility using advanced new technology will provide: 

  • Greater resiliency in times of challenging treatment, such as a wildfire in our watershed.
  • Greater flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory standards.
  • Greater security to address future shortages in our water supply.
  • Greater opportunities for environmental sustainability and resource stewardship.

Project Schedule

Water 2025 began in early 2018 with the goal of identifying the best location for the city’s new drinking water treatment facility by early 2019. Once a site is selected, the following design and construction phases will aim to have the new facility completed by late 2025.

The Water 2025 team will conduct extensive community outreach throughout the process in order to identify priorities that respect and reflect your goals and vision for our city.


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Project Hotline: 303-223-6586