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Fun and Surprising Things

Find Fun and Surprising Things @ Your Library

You'll be surprised and delighted by our non-traditional FAST collection. Items available for checkout with your full-service library card.

STEM Educational Toys

- Code-a-pillar
- Wonder Workshop Dot Robot
- Latches Board

Outdoor Exploration

- Compact Refractor Telescope
- Nature Exploration Pack for Adult
- Nature Exploration Backpack for Children
- Adventure Passes

Culture in a Box

- China's Child
- A Marvelous Mexican Misunderstanding

Reading and Learning

- Launchpad Learning Tablets
- Vox Books (audio-enabled books)
- Adult Book Group Bags for Book Clubs
- C-Pen ReaderPen (text-to speech electronic book reader)

Imaginative Play

- Blair Wilson: American Girl Doll of the Year 2019
- Luciana Vega: American Girl Doll of the Year, 2018 

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